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80km + for a 50cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Komunista, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. hey when i first got my Peugeot Ludix 50cc scoot it was fun but topped out at a speed of around 50kms an hour. Until now... i done basic derestriction mods to it and now it goes 80kms + .. i know this because it tops out at 80km on the speedo and i also rode next to my mate who rides a m/c and he was going around 90km. So far the scoot is performing well however im wondering whether anyone else has done this to a 50cc scoot and wether it affected the scoot mechanically ???

    The mods i done was remove the restrictor washer in the variator and also an exhaust mod.

  2. Yes it will reduce longevity of the engine, etc.
  3. Just don't ride it full speed for more than a minute.. The metal, sealing etc is been designed for a lower temperature than what the extra 20km will produce.. Then again, if you are willing to put all that on a 50cc, then you shouldn't have probs in changing heads and pistons and rings every year...

    I've done changes to the cdi of a sb50, from 40-50km/h to 65-75km/h. Quicker off the lights etc, but i wouldn't get on the hwy and do 75km/h for 10-20 minutes...

    If your scoot is new, give it at least 500km before you max the speed, you do need to run in the engine before you push it above its max...