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80 kph on the freeway. (nsw)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Changa, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. G'day guys,

    I thought I should step out of the comfort zone the other day and try some Freeway driving, so i jumped on the M5.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that perhaps learners should either be stopped from riding in 110 kph zones, or that the limit should be increased a little ?

    I stuck to the speed limit (80kph), and it was dead set dangerous at times. It doesn't matter how much you check before changing lanes, a car doing that extra 30 kph just speeds by. Traffic coming from behind roars up on you.......I just think it's not a real safe thing to do. I'm in my 40's and just on my "L's". I feel good on the bike and am very used to traffic. I'm coming from the point of view of someone who knows traffic and was stunned just how bad it felt doing 80 kph in a 110 zone.

    I guess it's a there's the arguement about new drivers not being experienced enough to go faster, but gee......it was really scarry.


  2. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    stupid law if you ask me (that Learners can't go the speed limit)

    seems to make it more dangerous than safer IN MY OPINION.
  3. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    so what car where you driving?
  4. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    I've also found the speed differential between my 80km/h & everyone elses 100/110km/h quite eye-opening. Generally, everyone leaves you alone, but you really have to pick your moment/gap to merge/change lanes safely e.g. on the M5 at the Crossroads where two lanes peel off left for the M7 & you have to get into lane three to continue along the M5 (citybound) with other 100km/h traffic.

    One reason why I cannot wait to get off my L's.
  5. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    Since when are cars doing more than 40 on the m5?

    where is the m5 110? I know its 100 for a while, and rarely will cars go over 90 anyway. Quite annoying.
  6. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    I really feel for you guys up there....
    Thankfully they got rid of that stupid idea in VIC years ago.

    Hard to believe in the nanny state, someone with power understood the dangers of having a vehicle traveling 30kph below the limit was somewhat dangerous....
  7. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    I'm of the opinion that the 80kph (and 90 and 100) restrictions create bigger risks than they try to address.

    Every long weekend, when highway traffic volumes are at their highest, families around the universe take this opportunity to have their children drive the family to/from get-togethers.

    .... On 110kph 2-lane freeways and 100kph undivided highways.

    So you've either got a rolling-roadblock doing 30 below the traffic speed creating a massive bottleneck on the freeway, or a learner trundling along with a 'tail' of 14 cars who can't overtake due to double-white lines and oncoming traffic.

    Both situations result in all sorts of exciting and desperate overtaking maneuvers being made to get past the learner. (Thank god for 400rwhp/tonne)

    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the accident data doesn't show rolling roadblocks to increase crash rates, but damn.
  8. The M5 is one thing but the F3 is truly terrifying! 80kph on a crap surface with idiots all around.

    The 80k limit is a joke - I'm surprised more learners aren't killed because of it. Personally I'd try to avoid the motorways / freeways until you're off the plates - easy to say but hard to do (apart from the fact that riding motorways does let you learn some skills as well).
  9. I'm in the same boat even on red P's. 90km/h limit is downright dangerous on the freeway. 80km/h is suicidal. A 30 - 40km/h speed difference is just plain dangerous. I live by the rule that if there's another road I can take that isn't the freeway I'll take it. IMO trying to break the law and stick on the road's speed limit is like running the gauntlet. It's too easy to fall into the hands of the police and get a nasty license suspension for riding outside of your license catagory restrictions.

    I also believe that limiting riders speeds does absolutely nothing to aid anybody. 80km/h or 130km/h speed limit it doesn't matter. Unless a rider has rocks in their head they will try to ride to the conditions.

    I'm fed up with being tailgated by cars no more than 2m off my bum wihle i'm sitting on 80km/h. It's getting bloody old. What can you do though ?

    I'm finding myself getting more throttle happpy now just becuase I want to get away from the loony packs. And twice in 3 days when i've been riding alone and with friends have been abused by drivers for being too slow. I got rear ended because i didn't take off like a hoon through a roundabout. My friend's got tailgated and near wiped out because they were riding 5km/h under the speed limit to suit the road conditions at the time.

    I'll sooner rider the old pac and head to Wollombi to come back home then ride the entire freeway. I feel safer riding that way then sitting on my speed limit on the freeway.
  10. NSW wants to phase out motorcyclists... this is why they've made it a long and discouraging process for new riders... they can't ban existing riders, but they don't want the numbers to increase.
    the 80 kph rule is obviously dangerous, but was implimented moreso to effect percieved danger from a new rider...it's main purpose is to heighten the sensation of feeling vulnerable on a motorcycle
    the theory being you"ll stop riding and take up driving.
  11. When ive used the freeway or even 90 zone i will do the limit,its safer for me and other drivers.
  12. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    Out Ingleburn way & also between King Georges rd & the toll booth.
  13. wtf did this come from? I've just looked through the rta list of stuff including the learners and P1 MOST training+tests. The theory looks the same, as does the training. You don't need to do the log book thing like the car drivers and the only change recently is the bringing of provisional licenses into line with the cars (ie speed and alcohol restrictions (or the P2 class)).

    Doesn't seem any more onerous than it used to be, and when I did my license towards the end of last century there was much in it about looking after yourself that could be read as discouragement by some.

    So why the angst all of a sudden?
  14. Re: 80 kph on the freeway.

    I can confirm that.

    Also it's a prick of a cop that books a learner for doing 90 in a 110 when the traffic is flowing.

    Besides if your speedo is indicating 90 you will be lucky to be doing a true 85 on most cars. So a cop won't book you for that.
  15. Doesn't the 80kph rule apply to L's and P's of all vehicles?
    If so, why would you say it's to discourage motorcyclists?

    I'm all for a higher standard of learner/licence testing.....
    Here in VIC, they issue MC learner/licence out for riding around a car park at 25kph...
    Hardly enough for the real world....
  16. For the best part of a century, traffic analysts have known very well that it's speed differential, not simply speed that causes most collisions. Either the NSW RTA are the stupidest road authority on the planet or they have another agenda.
    Really, if they genuinely believe that inexperienced road users cannot control a vehicle above 80kmh (which I doubt) they need to;
    1. stop them using roads with speeds above the 80kmh limit altogether, and
    2. start training them until they CAN safely use them.

    The current situation is criminal negligence on the part of the authorities.
  17. I take my plates off (red P's) whenever I know I am going to use the M5, maybe once a month when I am visiting family Cambelltown way. The first time I did it on my L's I stuck to 80, but too many people whizzed by at 40+ faster and did half lane changes to overtake. Never again.

    It is the worst restriction on L/P platers, and serves no purpose at all.
  18. i just made it up

    but does anyone have a better explanation for an 80kph law amidst traffic travelling much faster.

    joedelosa, specifically motorcyclists because semis roaring past doing say 115-120, while you're doing 80, plus assholes in cars doing close fly bys, plus ignorant tailgaters =
    much more intimidating when you're on a bike as opposed to being in a car.

  19. So you're suggesting the RTA up there are hopeing that motocyclists will get the sh&tes scared out of them in a dangerous situation by other road users traveling 30-40K faster and thus give it away?

    I'd say that's borderline criminal.
    Are not road rules apparently supposed to be about safety?
    One seems to wonder.
    Hmm, but wouldn't be suprised if they've had some success rate there.
  20. The 80 rule is silly and dangerous IMO. I used to take my plates off on the freeway for safety reasons.