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80/20 90/10 tyres for 1990 Suzuki DR800

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by shanekfalcon, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Been riding the SR42 a fair bit and as it goes fairly well, been pushing fairly hard at times. A fair bit of that is tarmac, too and from the farm and country roads. Not enough gravel, certainly not as much as I had planned.

    So I was not suprised when I checked the rear tyre today, a Mitas E07 and saw cracks on the bottom of the knobs all way around and so I need to replace it. Based on the last year, I can't see myself doing much more gravel and perhaps when I know I will, I will just by a second set of tyres and put them on when I need them.

    The question is, what do you think is the best tyre for a 90 road/10 off road situation for the Big. That is to say, maily on the road, but some gravel road from time to time. Just down from the main house to the cattle yards, some back roads, that sort of thing. Happy to just take it slow when that occurs.

    Some other details you may need to know:

    Stock rear shock, with preload set to about 1/3 up the thread.

    Stock front suspension, including fresh fork oil.

    I weigh about 95 kilos (finally lost a bit of weight!) and often carry about 5 kilos worth of tools in a bag on the rear rack. Overkill, but these are needed for the work I do on the farm.

    Bike weighs 200 kilos dry, 29 litres fuel and 3.4 litres oil.

    Prefer to end up with a matching front and rear set for on road and a separate front and rear for off road. Quite happy to change tyres and balance them myself, no problem.

    Tyre sizes Front: 90/90-21 54S. Rear: 130/80-17 65S

    Will cross post on other forums as well as I'm very keen to see a range of thoughts.


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  4. If you want something more knobby then either
    Pirelli MT21
    Dunlop D606
    Michelin T63

    Once you go more knobby then that you start losing on-road performance
  5. I have found the Mitas E07 to be a 'fair' all-rounder, I usually run them on the rear of my DR with an Pirelli MT21 on the front.
    Last E07 that I had on the bike managed close to 15K out of it, ridden to well beyond the central ridge down the middle.

    I read somewhere, that there was a batch of E07 tyres that had a problem with cracks forming; however, I believe these were removed from circulation.

    Knobbies are good if you plan to ride a lot of dirt; however, realistically I always end up travelling plenty of tar to get to the dirt. I have tried an T63, D606, Mt21, Kingstire all on the rear, but I keep returning to the E07 rear, as a good all-rounder.

    I have just fitted an MT60 to the front and an E07 the rear, for a 3000k trip to SA, then up the Strzelecki to Cameron's Corner, then south through outback NSW to Wagga.
  6. I did 3000 km of road on the MT60, still got them in the garage ready for at least another 2000km