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80,000 km alot on xv650?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by subscan, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I know on a car its not a huge amount But on 650cc?

    I know regular servicing helps engine life .

    But what are these bike like at that age .

    Will it become a money pit?
  2. I wouldn't say so, so long as it has been looked after.

    It's a cruiser V-twin so it's unstressed, it has a shaft drive etc, so it should be fine so long as long as it has a service history.

    The other issue is will you be able to sell it after you're done with it?
  3. No it's not that much. How old is it? A good service history and a careful previous owner will negate the amount of kilometres on most modern bikes - it's not a huge amount really. Put it this way - car or bike if I can see it's been looked after and it ticks the boxes of what I am looking for, then the kilometres don't factor that much into it. No real need to get nervous about most any everyday car or bike over 50,000 kays.
  4. 80,000km isn't that much. What year is it? Even if its a low mileage bike, you'll still be replacing stuff (rubber based parts etc) if its old, simply due to age related deterioration. This sort of maintenance can be surprisingly expensive.
  5. the bike is a 1999.

    So thats 8000km per year?
  6. Meh - that amount of kilometres are ok - they're a long-lived, long-production bike. Get it and put a nice set of pipes on it - they sound good 'opened' up a little :cool:
  7. If it's been looked after and serviced reguarly then it'll last twice that long at least.

    More important than the kilometers is the service history, don't just take the owners word "yeah mate, it's been serviced regular as clockwork but I lost the service book".