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8 years on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ozbiker1, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Would appear those world famous half/full day rides in s.e.qld are going a similar way to southern states?
    We only do the Mt Glorious/Nebo/Mee/Tambourine run during the week or night rides these days due to, too many complete wingnuts (including death wish 2 wheeled hoons) out & about. Crows Nest run, they dropped the speed limit years ago & local lads appear to prefer leaving potholes in the most inappropriate places. Maleny/ Imbil pub day run we've been regulars at for 40 years, also goin' to the dogs. Goat track down to Cunungra still closed is it, does anyone know? Cunninghams Gap & further afield may be the go. Lyons Rd, Mt Lindsay run via Killarney,
    If yer into a bit of old fashioned toejam & dirt (much preferred) out Bunya way used to be enjoyable (as is the Watigans run out of Laguna up to the Hunter, NSW)
    At this rate we'll all be buying 50 light LED versions of overweight hogs & screamin' woohoo's in the helmetcam or creamin' all over the muthafkn queen seat on any 3 lane expressway city bypass with no corners !
    Time to move to enzed ?

  2. Try a crafted post rather than a brainfart......
    Punctuation doesn't go a stray.

    Is there a question here?
    I'm still not sure what I have (attempted) to read......
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  3. The goat track is open ... has been for quite some time.
    Dunno where you have been riding but the twisty roads are still where they used to be and in good condition (mostly).
  4. Yeah - got that part J.......

    But still have no idea about the post body.....seems like a stream rather than a question or statement.....
  5. Maybe its the drugs mate!
  6. #6 Ozbiker1, Jan 17, 2016
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    by the looks up there, prescription ones =D
    a few flamers in the wings huh.
    so be it. each to their own -
    no necessity for personal verbal abuse BitSar :troll:
    if you need to chuck a public hissey fit do it with an I.M. PERLEASE.
    it's a m/c rider online forum FFS !

    Goat track; good to know. ta. We lost our good mates up at Mt Tambourine a year or so ago (one died, one moved) so don't get up that way so often. On the bitumen with two wheels a few times a week at least.The incidence of pothole avoidance is on the increase I assure you. Reminder to self ... get a smartphone :) 'Proof' is of the essence I keep being reminded of.
    Maybe a pothole thread ;) ?? Might wake 'em up a little given they insist we have "the best country in the world".
    According to the contractors it's the amount of silicone in the mix, none of that good carcinogenic stuff.
    Was up Mt Nebo checking a not so cheapo Guzzi just before xmas & road conditions were horrendous. Cheers.
  7. Hissy fit?

    Just trying to get to the bottom of the OP