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8 Year Old Wing Walker Break Guiness Book Record

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Tethered on top of a plane at 500ft, the wind blasting his small face, this is Tiger Brewer flying into the record books.

    The eight-year-old yesterday become the youngest wing walker in the world.

    While his proud parents watched from the ground, Tiger and his grandfather, who was flying the plane, took off from RFC Rendcomb Airfield near Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

    Tiger held on tight to his harness as the 1942 Boeing Spearman biplane reached speeds of 120mph. After the five-minute flight he said: 'The view was amazing, everything looked so small I could see everyone below but couldn't make out who was who.'

    He added: 'The only thing that hurt was the windburn, but apart from that I loved it. I want to do it again now.' Tiger lives in Willesden, North London, with his father Colin, 42, a TV director, mother Zoe, 39, and sister Flame, five.


    What a little champion!! Would never be allowed to happen in Australia though, the mothers groups and safetycrats would be in an outrage. He's not even old enough to get on the back of a motorbike here!!
  2. Tiger and Flame? :?

    Damn hippies! :LOL:
  3. Unless they were fans of Gladiators!!
  4. No room for him in the plane eh.
  5. Quick... Strap a 7 year old to a plane and get flying.

    I see a record breaking opportunity. :p
  6. Damn these cut price airlines..........
  7. :grin: Great stuff! I'm surprised it was allowed in the UK, PC Headquarters!