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8 year old daughters school work

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Found this in 8 year old daughters school bag. Proud dad right now.


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  2. Seems to have her priorities all in order :) Congrats!
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  3. OMG that is sooooo cute and sweet...make sure you grab that page later and keep it tucked away as a keepsake!!!:)

  4. Looks like my then 8 year old (now 9) sons work from last year, CHAMPION parenting my friend :couchpotato:
  5. I take it you've taken her out for Ice cream or something for such good work?!? :)
  6. Awesome!

    PW-50 for next birthday for sure.
  7. 3 thumbs up!
  8. Awwwww :)
  9. She can lead my next ride! Just like the small boy of JemJem 's whom I met last Sunday
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  10. How funny is it, got her and her 6 year old sister a ttr50 for Xmas. She obviously can't stop riding it
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  11. Start saving for bigger bike mate.
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  12. Good stuff mate! You should discourage the ice skating though, that shit is dangerous.
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  13. My (then 9yo) daughter did a show and tell about my gravel rash. Does that count?
  14. Yeah that is cute. I remember those reports; my daughter has just turned 18
  15. Give the girl an A+
  16. I was very impressed by Auntie on Saturday when Play School started with Justine riding in a Moto Guzzi sidecar and followed with a song about how good it feels to ride a motorbike. My wife was not impressed when our (<2 yo) daughter asked to watch that episode again the next day =D
  17. Record it or download it from the ABC website and keep playing it. :)
    Brainwashing or "future lifestyle training" needs to start young.
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