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8 minutes at Nordschelife (Nuremburg Ring)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Apr 20, 2010.

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    8 minutes at Nordschelife (Nürburgring Ring)

    very nice ride by two guys on the ring.

    makes me want to live in germany.....


    EDIT: title edit as posting regarding spelling was absolutely justifed. no offence meant.
  2. that was a solid f**king lap :) :)
    if it weren't for traffic and that crash scene i think he would have snapped the 8minute mark. very impressive.

    differences between Germany and Australia:

    Germany has a goliath race-track where everyday citizens can pay $32 to get it all out of their system in ten minutes and go home.
    Australia has regular-sized tracks that cost $150 for the day

    Germany has rigorous professional driver-education legislation and mandatory first-aid certification
    Australia, ya' mum teaches you how to drive.

    Germany has a long history of employing top engineers to make the world's safest cars.
    In Australia, we have a long history of dreg-politicians taking credit for the crash-engineers' work to make their own draconian legislation seem effective

    In Germany, they still get their revenue enforcing tail-gating laws
    In Australia, we're still extorting tax-payer money with the speed-kills myth.

    In Germany last year, despite having thousands of people exceeding 200km/h every day, they averaged 0.7 deaths per 10,000 vehicles. most of which occurred OFF the autobahn.
    In Australia last year, we lag behind with 1.1 deaths per 10,000 vehicles. and many, many more deaths of puppies combusting everytime we exceed 110km/h.
  3. noob question...
    Just me, or was the guy in front riding a bit 'crossed up'?
  4. After riding on a track for the first time ever yesterday, all I can say is, I wanna do it again and again. (didnt go as fast as those two guys tho......)
  5. That was very good, thanks!
  6. the car they overtook at 8 min. did my eyes deceive me or was that a mclaren f1?
    hmm, think it might have been an exige. not sure
  7. Yeah baby!!

    Yeah Luke the guy in front was crossed up in places, but it didn't make too much difference.
  8. you know... ive wondered this myself sometimes.

    ive seen ghostrider ride "crossed up" at various times, and there is no doubt that he (or they) are super talented riders.

    ive also seen supersport races and noticed that riding crossed up is not unusal.
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    Looked like an Opel Speedster to me - similar to an Elise, but using a 2.2 liter turbo charged motor.

    Nice bit of riding consider the conditions, shame about the traffic on the way down towards Adenau and the crash...

    If know it's on 4 wheels, but this has been my favourite 'ring video for a while now....blows me away everytime I watch it.
  10. I dont want to be really pedantic here, but its Nürburgring, not Nuremburg.
    Nuremburg is the city where the Nuremburg Trials were help after WW2 for prosecuting the Nazi war crimes....
    Big difference :D
  11. You mean they weren't speed trials? :shock:
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    Excellent video. The Nurburgring is 14 miles (22kms) long per lap. Learning a lap of it would be like learning the top half of the Oxley. The two riders were obviously very skilled and, yes, the guy on the ZX-10 did use some very unusual lines.

    Riders are regualry killed and/or seriously injured while doing the "Ring", for obvious reasons. It's not for the fainthearted.

    Looking at that gives you the reason why race bikes don't have speedos and why, when you do a track day, they recommend that you cover your speedo over.


    This is a "capsule" video of Fangio's greatest win at the "'Ring", the German Grand Prix, 1957. Resuming after a pit stop 30 seconds behind the two Ferraris, he smashed the lap record, lap after lap, reeling in both Collins and Hawthorn and winning by over 3 seconds. His fastest lap? 9:17.40, FIFTY THREE YEARS AGO!!!
  13. I nearly shat myself hearing how early and how hard that guy was getting on the gas. Then I realised the video and audio were out of sync.
  14. Just a theory, but with these guys it's probably about vision...?
  15. Sorry fellas, but whats "crossed up"? Something to do with the lines taken . . .?
  16. Crossed up is shifting your arse off the seat but keeping your head centrally located on the bike. It keeps the weight high and away from the inside of the bike and results in the bike leaning more. Mick Doohan was a classic at crossing up when it suited his needs - primarily vision.

    This is extremely crossed:

    This is crossed:

    This is uncrossed:

    This extremely uncrossed (check out that rear wheel!)
  17. ghostrider went around corners? Where?
  18. There's a very brief moment at about 2min20 that would have seen me call it a day, long before the rest of that track. Very impressive riding!
  19. yeah man gr is straight line heroes!!!
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    you cant be serious.

    i dont dispute that the major attraction of the cult following of GR is the straight line speed blasts, but have you watched all the videos? He/they ride motads/gsxr's/trail bikes/subaru wrx's/snow mobiles/push bikes.

    there are significant scenes which display skill outside the "straight line hero" genre.

    im not endorsing the activity, you must realise that ALOT of it is planned, staged and practised, however i think its a not true to say he/they is a straight line hero.

    in anycase, ive also noticed that is some 600 supersport races, certain lines produce riders "crossed up" and i dont understand myself. i thought this a golden rule not to be broken....


    at 1.48 GR sets a good lap at nordschelife