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8 lives left.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. It was almost "all over red rover" last night.

    Was heading home last night at about 10:00 along Bell st when i had to pull up at some lights..didn't filter to the front( should have though) and was about 3 cars back.

    Noticed some lights inthe mirror that were getting close very fast! Too fast in fact... dropped the clutch and slipped to the left of hte car in front.

    the idiot in the car finally saw that the lights were red, maybe saw me.. but he swerved to the other lane and rear-ended the car to the right of where i just was. wasn't just a light nock but enough to crumple both cars significantly. had bad visual images of what i'd look like if he hadn't swerved or me move :?

    Scared the hell out of me :shock: :shock: :evil: was just as well i check my mirrors when stopped!!

    A touch shaken up today.

    Not a rider down but a couple of seconds later on noticing the car and who kows :(
  2. and thats why you filter to the front.....and if you are first at the lights and see more traffic approaching behind i leave the bike in gear and watch the mirror until they come to stop then into netural :)

    glad to hear you got away with it though
  3. Excellent work, and great situational awareness. Also good to consider the footpath if there's not enough room beside the car, if you have time.
    Glad you didn't just go on about the stupid cager and got yourself out of trouble! :cool:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Seriously amazing effort!
    Good work on your situational awareness!
  5. footpath is where i ended up. was the only option that immediately jumped to mind.

    generally i don't filter in traffic asi still have a few nerves about it....don't get to practice much in the country, time to start though i think. traffic jams and filtering on the highway i'm okay with.

    As for the driver... i'm just glad i got out of the way... i could rant and rave but it won't change anything. I'm okay, his car is damages and he has other worries with insurance now no doubt. No need to go on an on about him.

    I'm just glad that i've learned something from all the posts i've read here, leaving in gear, have escape routes etc. Just glad i made it home safe and alive (as was Mrs Drew)
  6. Note to self: behind you, behind you :shock:

    Thank goodness your wits were about :!:
  7. Yep, I always leave the bike in gear, even in heavy traffic, waiting for looong lights to change. I don't care about the sore hand, beats a sore spine.
    I just can't bring myself to sit there without the option of getting the hell out of there.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Yeah, only time I go to neutral at lights is if there are already 3 or 4 cages behind me. In that case it seems unlikely (at least in 60 zones) that a mistake at the back is going to push or 'Newton's Cradle' all the way through to me. But if I'm at the back (rare) or alone at the front, or have just 1-2 cars behind me, it's in first, not directly behind the car in front but to the side, with an eye on the mirror.
  9. Very similar occurances all round. About two months ago had the very same happen, except it was a delivery truck :shock: .

    Saw this muthaf**** flyin in the rear view mirror and quickly broke track onto the footpath (was in the left hand lane). This idiot ploughed straight into the waiting car.

    Even though I got out of the way in plenty of time, you just get that sixth sense feeling when some a**hole is not going to stop!

    I always, always filter now!
  10. Sounds like the cager at least had the presence of mind to choose hitting the other car over the option of hitting you.
  11. Someone asked this before. Where is 'there'. Given that if you are stationary at a set of lights, there is cross traffic. 'There', to me, involves going across that moving traffic. Not being argumentative, just genuinely interested in the response.
  12. can't believe you deliberatly and proudly flaunted the laws of the road, you deserve to get your licence taken away and bike confiscated!

    hey MRAA, making line filtering in stopped traffic LEGAL, that is worth fighting for!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Well done on getting out of the way, similair thing happened to me on the Monash, I ended up int he emergency lane. :shock:
  13. Read my other post...footpath, median strip, I don't care. I'd happily hit the footpath and ride around the corner on the footpath.
    If it looks bad, hell, I'll hit the kill switch and run into the shops!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Drew...well done!
  15. who knows, i like to think he did.

    matt-... just confused by your post, what do you mean by the 1st paragraph....

    I didn't break the laws? if i did i may not have had to worry about it.

    obviously your post is in jest/sarcasm ...i just don't get it?
  16. Drew, it must be your criminal mind, it just seems normal to you now! :LOL:

    Next you'll be doing 2ks over the speed limit and endangering all the lives of those around you!
  17. Sorry Drew, but filtering between stopped cars is illegal in Vic. I do it, we all do it and your experience as above indicates why it should be made legal!

    So wasn't having a go at you, just pointing out that filtering saves lives! :grin:
  18. yeah i got your meaning. and i agree it should be legal...even promoted but thats another issue that has had a lot of thread posted about it.

    it just confused me because i don't do it.....till now that is.
  19. yeah :twisted: rebel me!.

    Makes you wonder why they allow MotoGP and Superbikes in Victoria... If Speed Kills (As we are all warned about....) surely every Racer is in grave and mortal peril just being in the state.... surely banning these sports would save hundreds of lives each year?? :p
  20. As if wet and cold roads aren't enough to keep you on your toes during winter, glad to hear you avoided a scrape Drew.

    I have long been amazed by the fact that drivers seem to engage in more risky behaviour when the conditions are poor, so winter is simply a season of stupidity as people ignore the fact that reduced visibility and slippery roads make driving more challenging.