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8 Large for a new bike and gear?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FlukeMasteR, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I have been looking at bikes for a while now I still have not acquired one, i have my learner license and some cash handy.

    I need Helm Jacket and gloves that I have already picked out; I suppose you pay what your life is worth.

    Anyway im now looking at bikes and insurance for a 21 year old, my current situation is that I want a GSX 600 in the next 14months but until then I need a bike with good resale value and something I can insure that aint going to end up cost more than the bike in 15months any ideas?

    I have been looking at a VTR 250 2000 model for 5,999 + onroad but im not sure if this is a good buy.
  2. VTR is a beaut choice. You should be able to find one cheaper than that.
  3. Go for comfort then worry about price.
    A $1000 helmet is not twice as good as a $500 the same with gloves.

    Comfort and function first mate........
  4. i think if you have the money for it and your happy to pay it then why not
  5. you can get a new gpx250 for that money! eg at race replica
  6. My advice is get something that is banged up already as even if you drop it (likely if you're new to riding), it won't affect your resale as you already bought it that way. If you buy a flash looking bike then you pay a premium and if you happen to have even a minor stack then your resale has just gone out the window.

    Spend whatever you can afford on gear as it will last longer than your bike. I'll also recommend collins leather for the billionth time :LOL: Great value for money and great service - check out ebay.
  7. WTF would you want to buy a NEW 250 when in 6 months LAMS becomes available and a 250 will be bloody hard to sell?

    Also with a NEW 250 you pay a shitload for it and as soon as yoou're out of the shop it drops it's value by 2k already.

    If you're going the 250 route then lilely you'll have it for 18 months max then you'll be wanting something with a little more grunt, go for a banged up 250 as previously suggested, gpx or zzr are really reliable 250 cc bikes with a little bit of grunt still, probably pick one up for 3k or so, save your $ for something bigger down the track..

    My opinion fwiw.
  8. do you want to buy my VTR250? :grin:
  9. Totally agree. Get a CB250 or similar, they hold their value well. Chances are you might even break even in a year when you sell it, especially if you buy well.
    Also, with the gear....my advice is get good quality stuff in plain colours.
  10. so, will i need a new helmet if i paint my bike?? :p
  11. i agree go for a cb 250 with sum low kms they have good resale and wont break the budget especially if you upgrading in 6 months... save your bucks for a real bike :grin: