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8:50pm Olympic Drive Lidcombe NSW, is that you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Marc, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. I saw a bunch of riders in a group, on my way home...I'd say about 20 bikes?

    Looked fun:)
  2. Nope wasn't me, I'm not even from the same state!!!
  3. d'uh :roll:

    would have been the O-Road Sports loonies, perhaps
  4. Whatever mate, they were having more fun than us.
  5. I doubt that, having just done a couple of laps of Macquarie Pass; I would think that fanging off the lights on Parramatta Road in a big group would be about, what, 1 millionth of the fun that I had?? :LOL: :wink:.
  6. Why don't you get a real job, Paul.
  7. Just because they went past a certain area doesn't mean thats all they do... and they dont have over 20,000 posts :p
  8. I HAVE a real job, but it rather involves children being in school, which, at the moment, being holidays, they are not.....

    I was guessing at the Parramatta Road locale, say_wat, but Gegvasco went riding with a couple of the Sydney-based night-time knights, and he said that in general, they are crazy :LOL:.
  9. Ok, school is back in, down here.
  10. I get another week w00t
  11. <Homer Simpson voice>

    Lousy stinkin' private schools :LOL:.
  12. yep! But if it makes u feel better, my friend who also teaches private is back next week. But she started holidays a week earlier ;)