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8-10 yr old pillion without shoes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bambam_101, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Riding through endevour hills tonight i saw a bike and his pillion up ahead at the lights so sped up a bit to catch up and say hi, check out the bike etc.

    Pull up beside them (it was a CBR600 i think) and notice that the guy riding is squiding it. Shorts, t-shirt and runners. Thats cool, his decision. Then look over at his pillion. This girl was probably about 8-10 years old amd most likely his daughter, sitting on the back in a singlet, shorts and NO SHOES at all!! Looked at her feet and ok the pillion pegs are a fair way away from the chain but way she was resting her feet with heels on the pegs and toes pointed to the ground, her toes were within an inch or 2 of the chain!

    What the hell are some people thinking?? Especially with a loved one on the back of their bike! This girl woulda been way too young to have any idea of what could have possibly happend should her foot have slipped yet this FU#$WIT of a rider was more than happy to take her dressed like that!

    Rode beside them for a minute or so and saw her moving her feet around going over bumps in the road and decided to pull back behind them. I seriously couldnt watch and it was actually kinda distracting. Canh only hope she made it home ok and that DIPSHIT CBR rider reads this.

    Ive seen first hand on a few occasions what a bicycle chain can do to a persons hand or foot. I seriously dont even wanna think about what a motocycle chain could do.

    Granted it was a hot one today, so yeah i can see the appeal in shorts and a singlet but SHOES?!??!?! FFS.

    Rant over!
  2. So did you end up saying "Hi"

    Did you then call him "dipsh!t" and "fcukw!t"? Nah didn't think so :p

    Why would he bother reading it - you had every chance to tell him :p

    And we already got the squid thread started for today :roll:
  3. When i pulled up beside him, the lights were just going green. No time to chat. I dont know about you guys but i find riding in peak hour traffic a rather difficult time to have a chat with other riders.

    And no this isnt a squiding thread. I couldnt give a rats ass if he wears shorts and a tee shirt. I do from time to time myself. Its more of a common sense/stupidity thing.
  4. Yeah that's pretty scary cause the 8-10yr old probably has no idea her foot was close to the chain.

    If i had the chance i wouldn't lecture them i'd probably just point to her foot and then the chain to make sure they understood is all.
  5. I would have told him that he's a fu#khead. :furious: and a wanker,for putting someone that young at risk like that.
  6. Yeah that is terribly irresponsible. When we take our kids on the bikes, theyre dressed like snowmen. I wont let the kids on the bike without leayhers and gloves. Even taking them in jeans gives me the heebie jeeebies.

    Kate, ( Mrs storm is coming - aka curtaingirl ZX6R )
  7. +1

    Have the kids kitted out like I am. That's just irresponsible :evil:
  8. i won't let my sisters on the back of my mates bike without all the proper gear. so iv bought new stuff so they can use mine.
  9. [​IMG]

    No time to point either?

    Excuses excuses.. [​IMG]
  10. Yep, agree. if riders want to go without gear, so be it, but minors are another thing completely. Our kids have jackets, gloves and boots and we make sure we put 2 pairs of jeans on them cos we cant find any pants in their size. They know the rules, no gear no ride.
  11. i never let anyone on the bike without gear. I got a spare jacket, gloves and helmet. If they dont fit ( they are small, for my wife) i give them mine. I would hate to injure someone on the bike, i can live with hurting myself( i hope), so if i crash at least they have a chance, morbid maybe, but always dress for the crash, not the ride :wink:
  12. [​IMG]
    MG has been doing some background checks on scotty, methinks :rofl:
  13. How did this thread make a come back? There should be a statute of limitations on thread replies.

  14. Man that was ages ago! Yeah i probably shoulda pointed or something but it all happened pretty quick.
  15. No shit Sherlock [​IMG]

    Ring me next week so we can meet up.
  16. Yeah dude. Was gonna give you a buzz this arvo. Hope you like scotch! :beer:
  17. I witnessed a similar senario. I told the guy off, in a nice way though. but no shoes? like wtf, I would have belted the guy.
  18. Just as well you didnt. Just got home. F*cken wasted. Been drinking all arvo :p
  19. Should be a Law for a minimum requirment...Coz obviously some people got No-Sense... :!:
  20. I asked the Q earlier tonight. See the Ask Police forum soon.


    I don't think its an age restriction tho, more so that they simply
    have to be old/tall enough to reach the pegs. :?