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7THSIN's Racebike/Championship Diary

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 7THSIN, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. My parents are going to flip when I tell them :cool:

    I'm picking up a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R600 next week.

    It was an economic write-off from insurance company, so it can still be registered.

    Bike is mechanically perfect, has huge chicken strips, ultra-clean motor and you can still see the cross-hatching on the front brake disks.
    Estimated mileage is ~5000km (dash was broken)

    Frame has a couple dents, one worse than the other, no welds are broken and everything is still in alignment.

    I'm buying it with a new fuel tank in primer, a 2nd hand straight subframe, 2nd hand dash, all the air intakes and ready-to-ride (minus fairings and lights)

    Oh, and they're swapping the stock can over for a slip-on Micron (bit scratched) for free, they want to sell the stock can, and I want a noisy bike with a free flowing exhaust.

    I know it looks like a wreck here, but it looks much worse in the pics than it does in person, it's been checked out and the frame isnt bent, just dented.


  2. nasty dents mate.... so how many months has this put the RX-7 off??? i wanna see that baby brapping!!!

    wat kinda accident was involved to do that damage?

    catch ya round alex ;)
  3. The Rx7 will be ready in due time, even if it was running now, I cant afford rego, insurance and petrol for it.

    The frame dents are cosmetic, the alloy there is only about 1.5mm thick, there is a huge thick alloy bar that runs close to the engine, if it was damaged beyond repair it would be a statuatory write-off and I would have got it cheaper.

    I've got no idea on the story behind the bike, it came from interstate. I just hope the rider didnt die on it :D
  4. :shock: damn that bike looks smashed up, i hope you're right about the repairs.

    awesome track bike if you can get it up and running cheap
  5. Give me a few days with a drill and some fibreglass fairings and you wont believe its the same bike.
  6. Good luck, be sure to post some progress pics.
  7. 4500 is a bit much for that imo.
    I wouldn't have paid that much myself.
    You probably could have got that nice VFR400 in the background for the same money.
  8. Well the bike shop paid:
    3600 from auction including fees
    70 for new ignition and key
    300 for dash
    300 to get it to SA
    plus the good tank and subframe, modfying the exhaust to take the Micron and fixing the LHS footpeg.

    Sure I could have got the VFR, but I dont want it, It's a Honda, it's a 400, it's got 30,000kms and I dont need a road-registerable bike.
    The fact I can register this GSX-R is just an added bonus, I might stick some lights and indicators back on it one day when I get my opens.

    I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a 2nd hand frame anyway, and when something good turns up I'll get it and keep the dented frame as a spare for when I bin it at the track.
  9. Wow, got it all worked out!

    I must say though, that bike looks mighty smashed up!

    But I guess that doesn't really matter so much on the track. Just as long as its safe :p
  10. That is most certainly a statutory write off. There is no way you could register that bike with that frame. You'll need to get the frame sorted by an engineer and get an engy cert. Chances are it's not repairable and you'll need to source another frame. Most track marshalls wouldn't pass that frame either so good luck using it as a track bike.
    It's missing lots of bits that you'd need even to turn it to a track bike. So for $4500 you just got torn a new arsehole.
  11. have you checked the write off status yourself?? cos that frame looks like its copped a bit of a hit. it may not be structural, but i was under the impression that more than a couple of non-structural damages on a bike frame rendered it a stat write off :? (not that i can understand how that could possibly be non-structural... JEEBUZ!)

    if you dont care, thats fine, but i wouldn't take their word for it with the thing looking like that :shock:

    otherwise, doesn't sound like too bad a deal, so long as its all running and riding well as it is. i'd be a bit wary of the forks and wheels too, they very easily get minor damage that you cant find till you get the shakes/wobbles at speed :?
  12. Like what? Fairings?
  13. I know it looks horrible in the first pictures.

    It's amazing the difference a tank can make.

    I've ridden the bike and it tracks true and straight at speed and my hands off the bars, steers fine, string-sighted the wheels and looks to be fine. I've checked the VIN and it's classed as a repairable write-off, was sold by Pickles auction group.
  14. You look to have been ripped off to me! Don't mean to be too negative, but by the time you've added glass fairings and the other bits and pieces you could have bought a track proven (i.e. suspension work, engine work, full system, rearsets) 600 from the formula xtreme classifieds.

    It definitely looks better in the above pic, but only because it's the other side of the bike, nothing to do with the tank!
  15. Examples of prepped bikes:

    R6 ($6.5k):

    ZX6 ($5.9k)

    GSXR600 (6.5k)

    ZX6R ($5.3k)
  16. ^^^^^That my fine sir, is bloody sweet!

    I would love to have a track bike for just fanging around.

    I assume you did all the repairs/prep yourself?
  17. Overflow Bottle
    H Frame
    Frame Repair
    Ram Air Pipes? (You don't need em)
    Looks like you're also missing the secondary throttle control unit?

    Thats about it though...

    It is a great buy assuming the frame is repairable cheaply maybe its fine but I dunno if I'd trust it until i had a professional look at it
  18. Ram air pipes are included, so is an overflow bottle, spare levers etc. I'm going to weld up a dash bracket and h-frame at work.
    I'll get the frame fixed eventually, but I wont need to initially, there are plenty of bikes at the track days I attend with dents in the frame.

    What's the secondary throttle control unit? I've ridden the bike and everything works just fine? Would it affect it?
  19. Just unpacked it off the trailer, going back tomorrow to pick up ignition and subframe, plus a bar end and the seat. I dont think I'll be using the seat but it would be handy to have while the fairings are being made up.
  20. Its a little box that sits just infront of the regulator on the left hand side I doubt its needed