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VIC $795+ to get your learners permit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Beza, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. On the 19th of March 2016 all VicRoads Accredited Motorcycle Training and Assessment providers will be required to deliver motorcycle training in a standardised format in accordance with the new VicRoads Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) training and assessment requirements.

    Stage 1 - 2 Day Learners Permit Course $795*

    Stage 2 - Check Ride $220

    Stage 3 - 2 Hour License Course (including 45min Training Session) $345†

    Graduated Licensing System Commences | Motorcycle Training - Armstrongs, Melbourne Victoria

    Seems a bit exe to me.
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  2. This is complete insanity. Going to see a lot less L plates on the road if this is going to be the price going forward.

    Considering how big the LAMS motorcycle market is in Australia, this is going to piss off a lot of business owners!
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  3. Getting your learners will now be a full two day course. That is to remove inconsistencies and to ensure every learner, even experienced riders never previously licensed for the road, get all the same roadcraft messages and information.

    I'm hoping that market forces will allow that cost to be trimmed down without trimming down the quality. It surprised me that it was that high.

    The main reason this revamp had to happen is that there was a bit of a race to the bottom in some quarters of rider training and people got what they paid for.

    It certainly is a bit of an outlay though which should mean only those really keen will take up getting their learners. At the moment, something like half to two thirds who get their L's go on to get their P's.
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  4. there is so many shity riding / dangerous learners on the road that should not of passed the test.
  5. speak for your self dude
  6. WOW! Thats alot of money! :nailbiting:
    More and better training makes sense but at that price it might be a big deterrent, especially for younger would be riders?
    I'll be curious to see if thats the case in the future.
  7. training will cost
    but as rob said hopefully the pricing will settle down
    what worry's me is will we see a marked increase of unlicensed riders?
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  8. Yet another example of 'outsourcing' goes up the fkn creek & stinks of yet another legacy with dishonest john = septic tank free trade agreements etc.
    Ex-military heavies would have much to do with this decision.
    Will be interesting to site a syllabus & one wonders what platform it is based on, who developed & so on.
    We were laying bets within the industry, 20 years ago now :) how long it would take to ratfk it. In the days of the tender process for providers.
    From what we hear hospitals are next in line.
  9. Yep I'm still on my learners after 13 years and ride a lams approved gsxr750 .
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  10. well
    come on Saturday and show us how to ride

    come anyways
    about time you presented yourself
  11. Interesting.

    Too true. Rode a PW50 @ 6yrs then some trailies 'growing up'

    Mates have come to riding over the years, some stick, some don't......

    It's not a license if you wait for that 'perfect' Sunday to 'take the bike out'
    That's hilarious......

    Potentially dangerous.

    My 2c
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    I've been to Saturday practise before with raj ( aka lazy ) a few weeks ago.

    I'm fully licencesd
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  14. Why aren't they doing this for car learners before they are allowed on the road . Maybe we should head off to the UN this is discrimination . Motorcycling should be encouraged as we leave a small carbon foot print compaired to cars we should be subside for our efforts in reducing global warming climate change ,adverting the ice age volcanic eruptions or anything else the scam artists can come up with
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  15. A couple of things. First, a car is easier to operate than a bike. Track changing, oil-slick stopping, etc are all null when you're the one laying down the tracks, plus given there are zero airbags, and pedestrian safety is next to nil, you can see why more 'effort' is put on motorcyclists.

    Second, bikes can emit more NOX and other crap than a car can. This is due to the fact cars can make up for 10kg here 20kg there, and so more efficient cats, etc aren't too hard to implement.

    All that being said, in WA it was <$50 to get my permit, then about the same money ($700+) on lessons to pass the test. I hope said money provides new folk the skills they need, however. If so, that'll be worth every cent.
  16. Having recently gotten through the old system after 30+ years of never having ridden since my teenage dirtbike years ( almost a song in that ) I have to say that I actually thought that the previous testing was a bit of a joke.

    Especially for people who don't have any road skills firmly entrenched, which I know its different from a car to a bike, but lots of driving - especially if you are halfway intelligent - at least teaches you about traffic flow, defensive driving etc.

    I know that they have to be able to see a series of moves made under controlled conditions, and that the speed at which these tests are done is ridiculously low, and I struggle to see how much of the training has to do with day to day road operations of what is quite a dangerous piece of equipment.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate the thought of people coming through who have to pay the extra money, and the fact that I knew this change was coming in part contributed to my decision to get my P's ASAP, but I gotta say I would hope that the new regulations will at least give us riders coming through with a higher skill level. Obviously we cant have riders having to do 120 hours on their L's under supervised conditions.

    BUT, apply it to car learners as well in some ways. A fully regulated license course, with a part of that testing process requiring a defensive driving course after "x" hours of practice.
  17. Victoria achieves its towards zero target by pricing out motorcyclists. Zero motorcyclists equals zero deaths. Well played Victoria. Well played.

    In my opinion this is just going to encourage people who can't afford this cost to simply ride around unlicensed. It just puts a disincentive on doing the right thing. Surely some of that sweet speed camera nectar could go towards subsidising this program.
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  18. Don't you guys have a motorcycle safety levy too? Where does that go?
  19. Jesus christ thats expensive. Here in NSW i paid total $140 to do a 7 hour course and for the drivers knowledge test. This seems extremely expensive.
  20. NSW government subsidises it. It not the same.

    I hope this doesnt impact numbers too much. Though the 50% through rate seems ridiculous, it might make that a bit better