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79' Yamaha XS250 running bad after low fuel.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shady_knife, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. my 79' xs250 is running really badly at the moment... i rode it home with the knowledge that i should have refueled, but i didn't. now... towards the end of the journey, the bike started doing what its doing now... kind of sounds likes its misfiring (this is whilst moving) i change the fuel to reserve and it keeps doing this so i leave it on reserve and just struggle home (along the highway at 40kmh (usually 100) it gets into my street and dies due to no fuel, i push it the last 20m. go inside and forget about, refuel it the next day expecting it to run a dream, its not :(

    any ideas?
    in short;bike got low on fuel, started running like shit,ran out completely just before my house, refueled once home, still is running like shit;

    hard to start
    idles like shit
    misfiring (i think thats what its called (irregular sound when moving)
    won't go over 40kmh/ won't rev over 6,000rpm.

    my assumption is air just got somewhere it shouldn't have... but yeah...

    any ideas?
  2. running out of fuel you have probaly sucked shit from the bottom of you tank. This is why its running like a pig, fill it with fuel, crank it up, find some quiet area and ride it, if the 'spluttering etc' clears, then youre lucky and back to normal, from what I have read on here when this happens, you'd get shit in the carbs as well and wether a fuel cleaner can fix the problem or a strip down of the carbs is needed. Did you switch from ON to Res? So now you would know your tank range, DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN, by the way alot of people have 'tested' to see what maximum range they have..
    You will get alot of response to this problem so stay tuned!!
  3. Almost certainly you have filled your float bowls with 33 years of rusty kack. You will need to strip your carbs and ensure every scrap of rubbish is removed, wherever it may be hiding.

    You have also now stirred up the rusty kack that was minding its own business in the bottom of your tank so you'll have to deal with that too. Bodgy way is to install an inline fuel filter and keep a spare in your pocket for when (not if) it blocks up. Proper way is to clean your tank ot thoroughly and then slosh it with one of the proprietary tank sealants.

    Speaking from painful and frustrating experience, if you elect to take short cuts, your bike will never run dependably again until you do it right.