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'78 Honda CX500 Deluxe 'Cafe Racer'

  1. Rone submitted a new Showcase Item:

    '78 Honda CX500 Deluxe 'Cafe Racer'

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  2. nice ride :)
  3. I'm helping my daughter's boyfriend with one of these at the moment. Building his first cafe racer. We've done the same thing as yours with the semi-rearsets: bolted the pillion pegs in the front mount. It will do til we fab up some proper rearsets. How does it run with the pod filters on? Nice ride.
  4. They were known as The Plastic Maggot back in the day.
  5. Did you have one in your collection back in the day?
  6. Didnt have a collection.One bike was all I could afford.