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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TheYak, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hey :)

    Got seriously interested as a few friends ride, and it's a past family tradition for XY chromosomers to tune and ride (hehe :wink:)...couldn't let it skip a whole generation, so finally bit the bullet.

    I'm a complete newbie, rode for the first time less than two weeks ago, got my yellow dork plates two days later, checked out a few bikes, then bought one for two K the next day.

    I haven't hit the pavement yet, but suspect it's a matter of time :LOL: Got some okay warm weather gear and have tried to avoid the rain, but walked in the door soaked to the bone tonight; BOM, you've let me down :roll:

    Will spend some time letting things get ingrained to a reflex level, then hope to hit some twisties and maybe tag along to a Netriders event where you can all tell me to get stuffed in person :p
  2. G'day mate,
    Never trust BOM!
    get some wet weather gear, even cheaper stuff at first. If you venture even just a few km from home, and the weather goes bad, you will be drenched when you get home.

    My first encounter was many years back, had my new RGV250 went to Wollongong for a ride through National Park, was a nice day when i elft and looked great outside. Got to the gong, started looking a bit grey, left soon after, but it caught me halfway up the F6, pissed down all the way home to Rose Bay!
    Lesson Learned.
  3. Your doing better than me. I have my full licence, although restricted but am still saving for a bike. Stupid uni student part time job!
  4. Welcome to the forums Yak, plenty to read here :)
  5. I'm guessing that you're too young to remember the Addams Family and Morticia's favourite dish; pate of yak...... But your nick reminded me of it and I got a giggle anyway.

    Welcome to Netrider, where there's L-Plate and Newby rides on a fairly regular basis. Just let Scrambles and Ktulu and Mickey take you in hand and you'll never be the same again :LOL:.......
  6. Hehe, thanks all :)

    MG, I should correct and elaborate; I did post stupid shit and often will, my timing may be retarded but my ignition advanced, during sex I turn into an animal...and I swear too, but only when it's warranted.

    Yep, plenty to read, might dig through the archives and start posting some stupid newbie questions...hoping for sun this weekend!

    PS: Hornet, didn't I see Fester around? :LOL:
  7. :LOL: Our esteemed Administrator's Alter-ego :LOL:

  8. Welcome to NR TheYak

    Happy riding :grin:
  9. welcome to netrider mate! have a good one
  10. Welcome Yak. Good to hear you haven't gone down yet. Maybe you won't!
    Enjoy your riding :grin: