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750 questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Zulu, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. To start with let me tell you: I love the bike (gsx-r750 k7). Better than any 600 out there. But, with a few, let's say, annoyances. Just wanted to ask the audience if it's normal or should I drop it off at the dealer's to get looked at.

    1. The temperature. It's like a yo-yo. Up and down. The moment I stop (eg at the lights) it starts climbing up, sometimes all the way to 105 (when the fan kicks in). Really gives me the shits. In fact I ride constantly looking at the temperature gauge. It's liquid cooled so why the heck doesn't the liquid cool it? It seems to constantly rely on the airflow. Reminds of my Holden affair back a few years ago.

    2. The vibes. From about 6000 rpm up the engine gets pretty vibie. It's not terrible but rather disconcerting. Although I've heard before that 750s do tend to vibrate.

    3. Gear selection. I know that it's not as picky about gear selection as a 600. Well, that's the problem. I can be in the 5th doing 70kph @3000rpm and it's OK with the bike. It doesn’t seem to complain. I rode a cbr600 once. Jees it hated it. Duc monster hated it too. I was just wandering if there is something like a general rule of thumb or something. 10-20=1st, 20-30=2nd and so on. I couldn't get anything out of the mechanic. He said they noticed some kind of pinging at high loads but said he didn't know why. Recommended I use 98 premium for a few tankfuls. I mentioned gear selection. He said probably not. I wander if I'm not choosing gears correctly. I can't hear jack at high loads. In fact I can't hear myself think at high loads, that's how noisy the bike is. Just the way I like it. :cool:

    4. The suspension. Standard suites me just fine. I'm 77kg. But I wander if it could be better, say, for city riding and occasional country outings. Has anyone ever played with the setup. If I make it a bit more "pothole friendly", would it loose grip? Which I would hate.
  2. Well I read your post and I think I counted 4 questions.
    When are the other 746 being asked? :LOL:
  3. :LOL: You beat me to it 2wagain :LOL:.

    Trust the manufacturer, mate. The temperature is not allowed to get higher than they know it should that's why the fan kicks in. Just worry if the fan doesn't...

    As for the other things, there are heaps of Gixxer owners, not to say mechanics, on this forum, who would be happy to share with you in person the secrets of getting your bike set up properly. Offer up a slab and a BBQ and wait for a response :).
  4. Not many beat you Paul :)

    Another instance where someone cant be bothered with a profile but it may just help them a little. :wink:
  5. Every make of bike has its nuances.

    The temperature issue is the same for the R1. I no longer commute with it as stop..start riding makes me sweat my ass off every time I wait at the lights! :shock: Temp ranges from 79 to 108. The fans do a great job, but at the expense of cooking your thighs :LOL:

    As for vibration. These bikes are designed to be up in the high rev's and on the track. Lower RPM's tend to generate more harmonic resonances and feel somewhat shaky. Just change gear or throttle setting. I avoid vibrations by taking off in second then kicking straight up to 5th.

    There is no rules for gears. Set them for your rides profile. I can ride all day in second if I wanted to, but you increase economy by ranging higher.

  6. cool, thanks.
    I just compare it with my car (nissan). Once temperature reaches normal, it just stays there. Holden's temp used to jump up and down. And it was very unnerving. But if it's normal I suppose I should just relax then. I don't commute on it too much anyway. The vibes are not shaky. And it's more up in the high revs actually. Like a shiver. Over time gives me numb fingers. But I can live with that.
  7. yeah the temperture is normal, the bike still requires air-flow to remain cool, as it's air that cools the water by passing through the fins of the radiator, hence the fan cutting in
  8. some of these posts suggests there are few bugs in the k7 750 - could someone else chime in this confirm if this is the case?
  9. 1- Normal

    2- Normal

    3- 1st -> 150kmh, 2nd -> lose your licence 3rd-6th are there for track days only!

    4- Go see a specialist if you want to mess with the suspension, unless you can find setting that you trust online.
  10. where do you get that from?

    nothing that's been said suggest any problems with the bike itself, everything is natural the last 2 he is making enquiries
  11. The GSXR750 is the most evolved of the sportsbikes, trust Suzuki, they know how to build one.
  12. i have the K5 and the heating issue is the same. really it is a race bred bike and you comparing it with a nissan is a false analogy. instead compare your bike to a F1 car which needs liquid nitrogen pumped into the air ducts when it is sitting on the grid. that being said the manufactuers have made allowances for street performance so you could probably leave your bike idling on its stand for hours.. although i think the manual doesnt recommend it!
    you will probably find the vibes smooth out as the bike gets run in.
    i choose 6 for 100kms and above for just tootling along and have never heard it "pinging" but i know 2nd gear is capable of 175kms so you have plenty of revs to play with.
    i firmed my suspension up to the second ring and pulled the comp dampening out 1 1/2 turns but i weigh 86kg in full battle trim so it may not be the same for you. i was on some bumpy backroads with a pillion (kang valley to berry) and my wrists are so fu"t that my naked serving wench is typing this for me as we speak.. may need to soften them up a little i think :)
  13. Your pinging and vibration problems could be connected.

    Take it back to the dealer and get them to check the FI, in particular the ignition curves.

    At sub-80kg on a modern 750 gear selection is not going to be an issue, unless there is an ignition problem.

    Have a fiddle with the suspension yourself. I like to set my front suspension with the least pre-load I can get away with without running out of suspension travel.

    Set the rear pre-load to match and then tune the damping at each end to make it right.

    That should give you the best set-up for our pot-holed roads.
  14. ohh. Thank you. I'll have a fiddle tonite. Going to wiseman's on sunday, will check it out in the bumps. Last time I was there on the DR. Was like in a rolls royce. This time I'm afraid for my family jewels.

    I actually don't mind the vibes so much (a bit of a massage, if you know what I mean) :) . And I can't bloody hear any pinging, not that I could in the first place. And I switched back to caltex premium 95. I'll probably drop her off at the dealer's next week just for a peace of mind. Although nothing that I thought was a concern is really a concern. I can't get anything out of the dealer's mechanic anyway. This depends, that depends and go read the manual. :roll: And thanks for the gears selection thoughts. I'm now at least a gear down at all times.
  15. Relax dude. Just ride the thing and have fun.

    In short, yes, engines generate heat, cause vibrations and you need only change gear when you hit the rev limiter and she'll go no faster!

    What is it about the suspension that you don't like? Suspension can always be better! Just depends on the size of ur bank account.... :p
    I read somewhere recently that you can get factory "showa" suspension for $5000 US.
    But, if it suits you fine as you stated, just go have fun and enjoy the awesome ride that you have. As someone touched on previously, Suzuki engineers get paid $$$ to cater to our riding needs. Try to trust them. :wink: