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$750 for all my protective gear???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Dobz, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I plan on getting my license and a Yamaha FZR at the start of may and being a poor 21yo i really don't have a heap of cash. I know Protection is damn important and when i get the cash i will get a full leather 1 piece or 2 piece for weekend trips and such. At the moment i plan to ride the bike to work and back (about a 50km round trip including the Monash). What would you recommend as gear to start with if you had to get Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Boots and Helmet for under $750.

    At the moment i was thinking Draggin Jeans or camos for pants. Will the jeanbs offer more protection than the camos being denim???

  2. If you bought over the internet you could get it all for that price...

    I'd recommend www.morepowerracing.com.au

    Their prices are excellent.

    You can get a pair of icon standard jeans with aramid (similar to kevlar) reinforced knees for $50 US. A good Textile jacket would be about 150-200USD, gloves 50. Shipping would be about 90$. You'd have to get a helmet localy however because they have to have the australian design safety mark on them, which foreign helmets dont have.

    Otherwise if you have to buy it all here, id say go this way:

    Dririder all weather jacket $300
    helmet (whatever suits you) $300
    gloves $50
    steel cap work boots or combat boots $100-150

    Wont be any room for pant's this way, considering that they are like $200 a pair.
  3. You got buckleys of going into a bike shop & getting all ya shit
    for under 750.

    Ebay &/or on-line shops are ya best chance & even then you'll
    be struggling.

    Below example was a quick search on ebay totalling $830 & then

    $425 + $35 postage

    th_tn600_StormSuit. th_tn600_StormSuitBack.

    $55 + (free postage)


    $150 + Unknown P&H


    $A164 inclusive of P&H

  4. Mate of mine just got all his gear for $750 -

    Only spent $150 on his helmet.....and you can make your own mind whether that is a good idea.

    I ride in draggins BTW....but you can get draggins or cordura pants for $200.

    Lets say -

    Gloves - $30 (on sale)
    Pants $200 (Draggins or cordura)
    Jacket $300 - Plenty of good jackets for this or LESS.
    Boots - $150 (get touring motorcycle boots...dont get steel cap work boots)
    Helmet $150...... I think for a first helmet this is ok....till you decide if you like riding or not. In twelve months time you can spend $350+.

    Thats $930.

    You should be able to get some good deals and get everything down to $750. My mate went to bikemart in ringwood, and got great service.

    Whatever you do, don't sacrifice one area for others (I.E $700 helmet and nothing else.)

    Sure you can get cheap gloves...boots...jacket...pants....even helmet. Just make sure you get the whole lot and wear it.
  5. Prices are from the Motorcycle accessories supermarket website (I'm sure other places can do similar though). These are normal stock items not specials or limited size run outs.

    $750 *is* enough for a set of gear if you shop carefully.

    RJays Stricker Helmet -Blaze $179.95
    RJays Troy glove $59.95
    RJays H2O boots $149.95
    Draggin Jeans (several styles) $189.95
    RJays Trakker 2 Mens Jacket $149.95
    RJays Waterproof rain overpants $24.95

    Total $754.70 :)

    None of that gear is top line but none of it is rubbish either and it would make s good set of starter gear.
  6. AMX 477 dorset rd bayswater 97298000 are advertising a sale. I think you could go close to $750.
  7. Go see Lou at Metro Honda.

    We are in the process of putting together a few "kits" for beginers.

    The entry point will be $750 then a mid range kit for $1000 then a top of the line kit at $1500.

    Tell him I sent you and asked you to kick his butt for being so slow with getting the kits together.

    Remember, if you have a membership card, you get your netrider discount too :grin: And if that saves you 10% on $750 that will out $75 back into your pocket so you can buy a puncture repair kit, tyre gauge, chain lube etc....
  8. You can get top quality gear for this sort of money if you're willing to settle for second-hand stuff from Ebay, and patiently hunt for opportunities. I was able to get excellent Belstaff leather pants for 80-something bucks (and by pure luck I got excellent fit, I couldn't ask for better if they were custom made for me). I've seen Walden Miller and Tiger Angel in very good condition going for less than you'd pay for new generic made-in-china stuff in the shops...
    But it does take a bit of patience.
  9. I DID start for almost exactly that much:
    300 jacket
    300 helmet
    120 gloves

    month or two later
    200 draggins
    200 boots

    Year later
    870 two piece leather suit
  10. Gees.

    Better take back what I said about going retail.

    Looks like you could do it if you put in the effort :wink:
  11. I'm sure it could be done. But I'll let you spend $750 on your gear. Knowing what I know now and that I ride every day I wouldn't get change from $2k for my daily safety gear.
  12. You'll get your gear for $750 easily, if you shop around.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Thanks guyts for the advice. I think i'll go see Lou and see what he can do and if i think i can get a better deal overseas i'll shop over there.


    Can't wait 2 c you all on the road!