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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ricstar, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Me mates words , i was riding along Richmond road at the speed limit ,to here a loud engine noise, looked in mirror to get a fright . truck was about to touch me bike , i went faster , looked in miror , he was still there , before i new it he put his bumper on me bike and i thought i was going under , luck was with me and i made it to the side of the road ,was scary hitting the gravel at must of been 90klm , i was shitty and took of after the bloke , he went frew 1 set of red lights , i did the same then he went frew another set of red lights ,i decided he was on a mission and id get him later ,, i said shit Pete whats the truck look like , he replied last letters were 844 i missed the start of the rego , it was a blue kenworth with a flat nose, this bloke ran a large mate on a harley of the road

  2. That fug'n bullsheet. I would have went to the cops anyway. If he was heading west, chances are he was going over the Bells Line of road, so the cops could have got him a Lithgow.
  3. Try to match the rego with police if you can. /Get his address and I'll get the axe.
  4. Surely if you hit the gravel at 90kph, you are not going to be in any state to get up and take chase after the truck.
  5. I think I know who that truck-driver was!

  6. lol terminator

    he said it was the prim mover only ,had no trailer atached
  7. Didn't happen to be wearing a melbourne bus drivers uniform per chance? :LOL:
  8. I wouldn't have stopped chasing him, would have followed him to where ever he was going and take to his knee caps with a crowbar (from the closest bunnings).
  9. Following that far, how come still couldn't get full rego??
  10. Harley = open faced helmet + bugs & dust = no getty numma platy.
  11. It's a sorry day when a motorbike can't outrun a truck...... :twisted:
  12. ^^^^ LOL agreed....mind you he certainly shouldn't have had to :evil: . Being new to riding I can't imagine much worse out on the road than being under that sort of pressure
  13. HARLEY rider :!:
    must remember truck, must remember. Blue, blue oh yeah same as the sky.
    Kenworth, Kenworth, ken, ken, kenny, Ahhh kenny, top mivie about shit, kenworth shit truck.
    3 numbers 844, brain full. no room left :p
  14. you didnt by any chance pull out in front of it at a intersection did you? thinking truck slow bike fast?
  15. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: