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749 Ducati Cafe

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Smoken Images, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, I came across this cafe racer mod of a 749 Ducati yesterday and I can't stop looking at the thing, I love it.

    I am seriously thinking of going out and buying a 749 to try and re-create something similar. Does anyone know of any legal hurdles I would face modifying one like this for use on NSW roads?


  2. the first part of the project, my friend, is to resize that HUMUNGOUS image to something a bit more reasonable :LOL:
  3. That better mate?
  4. Yep,

    Saw this one up on 'The Return of the Cafe Racer' blog and grabbed a few images for my files (if I can build a modern street fighterish cafe racer from my '89 VFR750 that looks one tenth as good as this I will be happy).

    As far as putting it on the road:

    - mirrors.
    - rear fender.
    - indicators.
    - rear licence plate mount.
    - exhaust noise level.
    - etc...
    - etc...
    - etc...

    But then these may all be things that go back on this bike after the show in Italy where it was on display.

    If you have the $$$ and time to do it - I say go out there and build it.
  5. The only legal problem i can see is that it's x rated and should be in the bike p0rn section.
    Build it...
  6. Too true! She certainly ain't hiding anything - all the best bits are on show.
  7. same place, return of the cafe racer is my home page,[​IMG]
    id rather do this to a vfr750 (or vtr1000f.... frame isnt the best looking thing on these bikes)
  8. Yep, got that one on file too, you are spot on with my intentions. A bit Mad Max but I can work with that.
  9. Both of those look awesome, but that second one especially...rugged as balls
  10. Now go check out the latest creation on the Pipeburn blog...

    I still like the 749 at the top of this thread just for the paintwork on the tank and seat.
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    top post is the ducs guts

    Pun intended; would love to one like that
  12. Can't find the bike in this pic! Can you point me to the blog page Spenaroo?

  13. Man that magnificent bastard...I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Also the boots from the new collection are really cool, might have to get a pair even without a bike :p
  14. +1 on the boots, I have my eye on a brown pair...
  15. I can't decide between the black and the brown, both so cool
  16. Wear one of each - means you buy two pairs but then you get to alternate.

    Of course by this I mean wear one brown boot and one black boot and alternate!
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