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'73 Yamaha RD250 at Broadford

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by tripodtiger, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I took my little blue baby Yam.

    to Broadford at Easter, with some mates. The GoPro went for a ride.

    Sometimes, the audio of the GoPro just records noise and my cheap editing programme only has crappy musak to go along.

    Another trip was on my (sold but not forgotten) KTM 690. Up into the Snowys earlier this year.


    A bit more recently, Dobbo & I continued our little 'close to home' rides with a few hours around Humula. I took the Tiger Trek as it's now what I will be using for this sort of riding.

    With a sidecar, a passenger always helps with ballast. Most road outfits are sit in. Mine has an option for the passenger to get a little more involved. Alec is 15.

    Another day, another bike!!! Took the W(oman's)800 out to Rosewood, with Dobbo again. Greenleaf Hills Rd. And again the audio failed...

    hold on Houston, there's a problem...
    Forgive me, I'm new here.
  2. Love the sound of the RD in that first vid.
    Fix ya links!
  3. Yep. There's probably many nerdwords for that error. Especially when I did it five times!! You'd reckon I'd have worked out what I was doing wrong, I've been using the same type of link on OffRoadExplorer for the past 18 months or so. You'd have been wrong. Of course, as soon as i posted it I remembered what I'd done wrong.:-({|=

    I love my little RD - Yamahard
  4. Cripes! the original post is gone! I edited it, and it goes back for the mods??? They must have nothing better to do(y)
  5. Well this is new.
  6. Still nothing on where the original post went?
  7. Well, this is one of the videos I originally put up that disappeared.

  8. Another one? Maybe this forum doesn't like multiple youtube links in the one post?
    Hopefully it allows more than one in the one thread.

    Sorry about the music. The audio didn't record properly.

  9. That was great,my first road bike was an RD 250,1975 and I own a TL Pantah now and a few others.I was thinking how some of the Pantah riders lines were a bit odd,but I doubt I could do better with one arm.There is a bloke racing in post classic with one arm and one leg,great to see.
  10. Some of HIS lines were odd?
    doG! some of my lines were odd!! S'pose that's a result of encountering different people on different bikes every time and not being real sure what they are going to do. The event is a ride, it's not even a track day. My biggest hope is that I didn't carve anyone up (ok, 'too badly'):rofl:

    I'd like to know who he was, so he can get a look at himself. I spent a heap of time following my mates around getting them on video. Do you think anyone of them bothered with a camera to show me? Nope. Bastards.:D