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VIC 7 years to first post

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 5EA7, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Hi all, long time reader but had a chance to post on a thread last night that I thought I could contribute (LED headlights), so decided to make my first post. May as well introduce myself while I'm at it. Probably some kind of record, registered Jun 9 2009 and first post yesterday. I commute into Melbourne CBD via the Nepean Hwy on an XJR1300, some of you may have seen me around. If you do see me around and think my headlights are too bright, please message me.

    It's an old photo, but that's me heading up the Great Alpine Road.
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  2. Wow..7 years..

    Anyways.. Welcome to NR!

  3. Belated welcome I guess? Nice pipes on the ride! Is that a custom job?
  4. Welcome mate:)

    Don't be a stranger now you've dipped your finger in.......
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  5. LOL and welcome.

    Reminds me of the old joke:

    Parents have a kid that never speaks, run all the tests with various Drs and specialists, can't find out what's wrong with him. He has no issues with learning or anything so they everntually accept this and just get on with their lives. Then one day, aged 7 and while at dinner, he pipes up "Needs more salt"! Obviously the parents are amazed, overjoyed, confused as all hell, and they ask him if he can speak, and why has it taken so long to say anything. "Nothing to complain about so far" he replies....
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  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Haha yeah, pretty close to that joke though I guess, I really didn't have anything intelligent to contribute until yesterday. The pipes are Laser Xtreme slip-ons. 4-into-1 collector box (factory), then goes back out into 2-into-4. Another shot attached. In the 6 odd years riding this thing around Melbourne I've never seen anyone else with these. Then again, not too many of these bikes around.

    I'll post details of the other mods in the XJR1300 thread.

    XJR1300 exhaust.
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  7. So, how long to the Last Post?? (sorry, quasi-military joke there..)

    Welcome along and, boy, does the Fudge look great in that blue....
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  8. Congratulations on De-Lurking, post more often.

    It doesn't seem to stop other people ;)
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  9. Hi and welcome. Am interested in knowing more about your video camera set-up.

    Nice looking ride and hope to see you around some time (y)
  10. Likewise - looks like two cameras on the back? I'm considering options for front/back cameras on my bike..
  11. The bulkier GoPro clone unit is a Yokohama GPS V1. From what I understand, it's not sold outside Taiwan and Japan. I used a Taiwanese buying agent to import two units directly. The image quality of these units are great, and unlike GoPros they remain weatherproof while charging. Also on power on they start recording. They're USB powered, so I installed 2 USB ports. They recommend 1A+ capacity per port. You can find some install photos and sample footage I took here:

    The second last video shows a super distracted driver on the Nepean Hwy. The night time image quality is good too.

    But, I would recommend against buying this unit if you live in Melbourne, or anywhere colder. The issue with this unit is that it is a Li-ion powered unit. What this means is it needs to be able to retain some heat around the battery to charge while in use. Usually around 5 to 10 degrees minimum. During the winter morning commutes I figured that the front unit does not charge, hence every time I turn the unit on it resets the date. This in itself isn't too much of a problem, but what it means is the filename will overwrite each trip, and more importantly, upon disconnecting the power (e.g. a crash) the last file being written doesn't finalise, reducing the usefulness as a dash cam. It may not be a deal breaker for some though, as the last file is only corrupted in memory, and can be recovered using software. Only the front unit suffered this problem directly facing into the wind, the rear unit was fine. I tested my theory by swapping out cameras, batteries, wiring etc. so I am pretty sure of this outcome. Due to how Li-ion batteries work, permanent damage has been done to the battery cell now and it hardly retains a charge. Still records normally under external power though, so I have left it mounted. I wouldn't leave the bike parked out in a dodgy neighbourhood though, probably a thief magnet.

    The slimmer pen-like unit is a Vimel dual motorcycle dashcam unit off ebay. I got it from these guys:
    Dash Camera Vimel Motor Bike Cycle Waterproof Dual Bikecam Truck Motorcycle K1S

    Note that it says 64GB, which means you get 2 x 32GB micro SD cards included. This camera system has a physically separated recording and display unit that can be mounted under the seat (not water proof), and two cameras (waterproof). I chose this model particularly because it does not rely on battery power to make the final data write to SD upon abrupt data loss, instead it uses a super capacitor. These are less prone to be affected by environmental conditions. It also comes with the optional GPS antenna (waterproof) which records the coordinates and speed into the video, as well as overlaying on a map with external viewing software on a PC. The video quality isn't as good as the first unit, plus the front camera has some intermittent noise but it should serve it's purpose. Especially with the remote recording unit, it's survivablity in a crash should be higher. Some install photos and sample video here:

    GPS on top of clutch fluid tank, and front camera on the front brake fluid tank. They're stuck on with double sided tape that came with the kit, and they seem to be holding up in the elements so far. They're a bit more discreet from an anti-theft perspective too. Like all dashcams, it powers on with external power and does loop recording.
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  12. Thanks 5EA7 (nice photos too btw!)... The samples from the Vimel unit look good enough (at least for the daylight use case). The other unit I'm considering is the Innovv K1 - I know someone who has just bought one, so I'll be interested to see how that works for him too. Like the Vimel, it's also two cameras with a control unit that's best installed under the seat.
  13. It feels kinda weird welcoming someone who has probably seen development in so many people. But, welcome anyway. I'm sure you'll have so much to contribute.
  14. You'll fit right in.
    btw, That's a nice Boike.
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  15. Welcome and may I say I am rather jealous of your last photo of you riding on the Great Alpine Way. I recently completed a tour of NSW and wanted to ride that road but was advised against it due to weather conditions. All the best. M48
  16. Not saying the lights are bright, but I see you most mornings............................ and i live in Sydney.

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  17. For SEVEN years?? :eek::alien:;)

    Jeez, guy, I haven't contributed anything intelligent in three months and I keep doing it. Welcome!
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  18. :eek:

    Your bike is shit hot!
  19. Well I've been here nearly as long and it has never stopped me.

    Welcome to the forummm
  20. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Yes............I think I passed you in Melbourne on my saturday ride