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7 year old Croc feeder

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/boy-7-goes-on-croc-feeding-rampage-20081003-4t7x.html

    What the hell was going through the boy's head and what's your view on what discipline is warranted?


    At that age, I would have got a swift rump tenderising and be left in no doubt about my parents displeasure and that I'd done something wrong.
  2. I was most disappointed to read that the 7 year old wasn't fed to the croc
  3. :shock: fark me .. he's got the makings of a serial killer.
    I'd get him a pet, and once he's become attached to it, threaten to feed THAT the croc
  4. Blame Discovery Channel !
    Watching too much of the Brady guy and reruns of Steve Irwin ! :LOL:

    Seriously, I do think he has serial killer tendencies !
  5. I was wondering how the parents didn't notice that their 7 year old was not with them - where were they and what were they doing so that their child could to this? :shock:

    If there is a proven link between animal cruelty shown by children and adult muderer's then this kid needs watching closely.

    I have no doubt my dad would have belted my arse just for being missing let alone doing this crap.

  6. *sigh*

    ... boys will be boys... :roll:
  7. +1 to that....i reckon half the reason we as a society has such little respect is from softer forms of discipline :)

    fark me i better go get my grandpa slipper and my pipe....must be time for a nap :LOL:
  8. Parents should counter sue the establishment for allowing their son entry into the enclosure.
  9. Kids are capable of anything.
  10. Must have decent security if a 7yo can break in mellow.
  11. Its sad to think that this child has no concept of right and wrong or scary to think he was well aware of what he was doing

    Arse kicking for him and his parents
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  13. Reminds me of that simpsons episode when they go to australia HAHAHA

    Oh, yeah, that kids fcuked up too....
  14. Man, didn't anyone ever fry ants with a magnifying glass as a child? All kids are fluffed up.
  15. what worrys me is how kids get so sadistic these days. ... why do they want to hurt and kill? I don't get it. It must be TV and movies, people think that kids can mentally cope with way more then they actually can these days, I mean think about the last batman movie, that wasn't child friendly at all!!!!! Yet it was marketed at kids.

    Best way to skrew your kids up, let him watch violent movies and tv shows, that's what I think.

  16. I fully agree, a smacked bum never did me any harm when I was a brat. Kids get away with way too much these days....to think, this is the generation that will be running things some day....there's no hope for us.
  17. Are people seriously prepared to label a 7yr old as a serial killer because he fed a hungry animal??? :shock: :roll:

    7yr olds are naturally curious. Yes the animals that died were rare and expensive but the kid could not possibly comprehend the magnitude of that issue. As far a he was concerned the croc was a predetor and the small animals were prey (that's about as complicated as a 7yr old gets). Clearly he knew that crocs eat other animals and he was curious about what happens. Clearly it's a little gruesome but it was a learning experience. If the kid had knowingly tortured the animals then I'd agree that something was wrong, but I doubt this kid would have seen any cruelty in his actions given that what he saw was the natural way of the wild.

    I do whole heartedly agree that the kid needs a kick up the arse so he knows not to do it again. However, I don't think it's fair to punish the child alone. Parental failure to supervise and the park's failure to maintain security are far more serious offenses than the natural curiosity of a child.

    Particularly the park management should be reamed severely for their negligence. It is to some extent reasonable that parents assume the park is secure and safe (though they should still supervise) but there is no explanation for a park allowing children open access to the enclosure of a large crocodile. :shock:

    How many of those who are concerned about this child's mental condition ate meat today? An animal died in order for that to happen and just because someone else killed it for you does not remove your direct involvement in that animal's death. It was killed to meet your demand and for your pleasure. Psychologically, a child wanting to know how a croc kills and eats a lizard needn't be any more sinister than a person catching a frying a fish or shooting a rabbit for Sunday roast. :)
  18. well I didn't eat meat today, or anything else animal for that matter, and I never will.., so I feel I can comment.

    I am worried about the childs mental health, he's clearly been misguided and needs to be put on the right track. This is not a case of normal child curiosity, it is not normal for children to want to bash lizards to death with rocks, or feed things to crocodiles. This child hasn't been propperly taught to value life, and has no respect for it.

    Suing the parents is a tricky issue for us to comment on, as we don't know them or how they bring up their child. I suspect their parenting skills must be somewhat lacking for their child to turn out like this.

    There are to many pieces to this puzzle missing for us to make judgements, but i'm sure what we all can agree on is that this child needs straightening out, and needs to be told that what he's done is wrong, and should be punished in some way.

    Sorry about the many posts today, I get very passionate about animal welfare issues.
  19. You sure can! \:D/ I didn't mean it as a qualification for comment, only as something to consider. :) Not everyone who eats meat takes up serial killing as a hobby and I'm sure there's a vegetarian murderer or two out there as well. :wink:

    Misguided how? Perhaps he wanted to see what he was told is the truth so he tested the theory. Perhaps he killed the lizards to prevent them biting him during his experiments?
    Feeding things to crocodiles seems to me like a kind gesture towards the crocodile. Crocs are animals too. How was the kid to know it had pleanty to eat when the evidence the kid saw showed it was hungry?

    I've seen nothing to definately show the child isn't a normal 7 yr old who needs a kick in the bum (as many 7 yr olds do). For all we know they could be very competent parents with a hyperactive (possibly autistic) kid who ran off. It's not easy to keep track of them all the time (possible but not easy).

    Didn't you just say you were worried about the child's mental health and suspect the parenting wasn't up to scratch? They were suspisions rather than judgements I guess. :wink: No arguement from me, until the facts are layed out properly no-one should be judged too unkindly. But that's what the courts are for, on a forum we can hang shit anywhere we want. :)

    Me too. :) And possibly so does the kid who felt sorry for the hungry crocodile.:)

    Then again..., and this is a wild theory..., but possibly it is the parents to blame? Maybe the child is a sociopath and the parents never noticed. Perhaps they didn't develop a real relationship with the child or discuss death and violence with the child, unaware that preventing them watching violent movies was not the most important part of their job? :shock:
  20. But you do wear clothes though don't you vroom?

    And why do you wear clothes, other than to keep warm?

    To hide your inherit shame, and whether they are of animal origin or not, you share the guilt of sin, that all mankind carries.

    So after man sinned against God death came into the world, a fact made clear by the sacrifice of those first animals, for the sake of covering mans sin.
    The seven year old boy didn't do anything wrong other than demonstrate that sin is alive and well in our world, a condition that everyone is born with, man needs meat to live and carnivorous animals kill on a regular basis, you wont change either.

    Oddly enough a lizard or two and turtle can cause an uproar but as has already been mentioned animals are slaughtered on a daily basis for mans needs without any sympathy whatsoever, and unborn babies are worth even less, with full term abortion now becoming a reality, where are the cries of murder?

    Killing animals isn't murder, yet it causes more angst than babies in trash cans.

    God created man in his image. he didn't create animals in his image, hence the definition of murder.

    This seven year old boy, didn't commit murder, he isn't a mass murderer and he may never become a mass murderer. Maybe by your definition the owner of the establishment who is effectivelly responsible for the deaths of numerous chickens to feed this croc, is more guilty than the seven year old boy?