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7 months of being a biker .... and loving it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DaveL, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Ok, so 7 months ago I decided to get my motorbike learners. "What the hell do you want to do that for" was the reaction from the good wife, I had never shown any great interest in motorbikes, only having ridden dirt bikes in my teenage years, so it was a fair question, what did I want to do that for? at 42 years of age?.... Well simply because I didn't want to turn around later in life and think, gee I wish I had given that a go......

    So I book in for my learners and pass the test, the instructor poses the question "So...what kind of bike you gonna get?" Shit... I dunno? Just a bike to learn on, nothing to expensive, just want to try this bike business out. As it happened he was selling some of his ex training bikes (CB250s) and I decided to snap one up... At least if I don't like riding I haven't spent big $ on something I won't use...

    So I don my flouro vest and L Plate and hit the open road :) Living in a rural area I'm surrounded by 100kmh zones, my first ride and I'm racing along..top gear feeling like I'm going to get blown off this naked machine..better slow down..don't want to get a ticket on my first ride...look down at the speedo and I'm doing 80kph! Holy crap! How the hell am I ever going to make it to the ton? And cornering....wow! I felt like a hippo on roller skates gingerly steering my way around those sweeping turns.

    Anyway..practice...practice...practice... I rode pretty much at every opportunity for the next few months, researched the net rider forums (new rider tips are a great resources btw) and scoured YouTube on riding tips, discovered counter steering and the rest is history.

    I've since graduated to my full (although restricted) licence and continue to ride at every opportunity...it's great fun!

    So, sorry for the long post, but in summary, if you're scouring these forums wondering if you should take the plunge and try motorcycling, do it, no matter what your age... You won't regret it and you won't grow old wondering...

    Anyway... Back to the forums and websites...looking to upgrade to a bigger bike :)

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  2. Glad to see your having a ball
  3. Welcome to NR, Dave.

    I'm in my forties as well, and my story is mirrors yours, right down to choice of first bike. I bought mine privately, though.
    I've now moved onto a GS500 and really love it. A bit over 13K travelled in 12 months. That's 7K on the Li'l Red and the balance on Suki.

    What sort of miles have you done, mate?
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  4. Hi Mick M, I've clocked up around 5k so far.
  5. Nice going Dave.
    Are there many nice winding roads out your way, or do you need to travel to find them?
  6. Mick, lucky enough to have some great roads, I'm between Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance, only minutes from the Great Alpine Road :)
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  7. Good on you Dave, you're never too old to chase a dream. Stay safe out there and maybe one day you'll get the bride on the back to enjoy and share the experiences with you
  8. Good stuff DaveLDaveL - welcome to the fold.

    Don't rush the bigger bike.
    Get to really know your current ride and hone your skills.
    There is plenty of time.

    And the plus side is - if you step up gradually you can justify more bikes to the Missus.
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  9. Cheers Duke, she's not at all into bikes, her brother had a nasty accident on one many years ago, however he was young and doing crazy things when it happened.
  10. Thanks Bitstar, yeah no great hurry to upgrade, the 250 has been perfect for learning to ride, just be nice to have a bit more go on the highway.
  11. Welcome to NR dave. Ive just graduated to my restricted fulls as well. Riding a BMW GS 650 here. Some days I wonder weather i shouildve bought a 250. CB is a great bike for starting out on.
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  12. Bwahahaha, I know exactly how you feel, mate. First time I had to do a u-turn, I felt like I'd need an entire parking lot just to get around. I'm getting better at it though, now I just need a couple of car spaces ;)
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  13. Welcome Dave,
    Nothing wrong with starting at 42. Some will never see the light..
    Great place to live too, some excellent roads all around you.

    Have you seen the crowd gather for the Barry Sheene memorial ride heading to the GP ?
    A fun day out riding from Bairnsdale to Phillip Island, and a lap of the track to finish it off.
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  14. Hi stever42, yeah lots of bikes around the area prior to the PI gp. The Barry sheene ride gets some great numbers...be good to do one day
  15. Great post, beat ya though, I'm 47 and got my L's on Sunday!
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  16. Very similar story to myself, turning 38 next month and have had my full licence (RE) for about six weeks now, i ride a KTM RC390...quickly getting used to avoid being killed on the roads, i also rode dirt bikes in my teenage years.
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  17. I've got the same story though I'm 48 I completed my pre learner on the weekend and am picking up my Ducati tomorrow assuming I pass the knowledge test first how hard was the pre provisional and MOST how much did you practice
  18. Hi ljcoolio, I rode for 3 months on my learners prior to getting my full (restricted) license. Think our license testing in Vic may be a little different to your state.
  19. Ok thx
  20. That was the hook for me -counter steering - and your statement there says it all for me too :) Very similar back story to why I started this as well.

    When you first truly get CS then you know you've discovered the seed to the secret that is the joy of motorcycling.
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