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7-11 $1 day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ResmeN, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Today 7-Eleven are having a $1 special day, where selected goodies are reduced to $1 for the entire day. Awesome.

    I just bought a choc milk 600ml, snickers, monster 500ml & samboy chips for $4.

    Couldn't find anything on the site about it (?) but here's a pic of the MX ad: :p


    Products include Snickers, Samboy chips, doughnuts, sausage rolls... :LOL:

  2. Not petrol????
  3. Wishful thinking. Only petrol for the stomach.
  4. If you ferment and distil it, then you could use it in your bike. But most people are too lazy for that.
  5. It's that time of the year again. Only for today.

  6. holy shit! i'm there :D i've got one nearby and i've only got $4 as it's pay day tomorrow :D
  7. If their hotdogs were included I would be there. Alas, we have no hotdogs.
  8. I went. I got some chocolate milk and some original kettle chips.

    Damned fine for $2 if you ask me! (i'll get a cornetto laters) :)
  9. Last time around the sausage rolls were also for a buck. Better hurry though I went lunch time last time, stocked up and even then most of the stuff was gone.
  10. Thankfully, it's so cold, no one wants the cornetto's. :p

    Unfortunately, the mother was all gone :'(
  11. No dont say that I was going to get some mummys. Ah well I'll try my luck. Lucky I rode with a large backpack today.
  12. yeah, but my 7-11 is tiny, so i'm sure you'll be fine.

    they often don't have lots of stock when ya want it!
  13. Also another tactic the titeass stores do is on days like this they be understocked on purpose so as to not let too much stock sold for $1.

    They always do it on free slurpee days too. Friggin titeasses.
  14. 7-Eleven fans we can confirm that $1 day definitely kicks off tomorrow the 29th of July. Thanks to all who have alerted us to the rogue page and we have reported it to Facebook.

  15. Oh beauty. Time to stock up.
  16. [​IMG]

    Thursday 16 September, is 7-Eleven $1 Day! We have heaps of products available for just $1 each. Maximum of 8 per person.
    Mother 300ml, Nestle Medium bars, Twisties, Burger Rings & Cheetos 90g, Goulburn Valley flavour milk, Four'N Twenty Snack Pies, munch Cheese & Bacon rolls, Nestle Drumstick ice creams, Golden Circle lOL! juice and Bercocca Twist 'n' Go.​
  17. wow! another one so soon! luckily, i'm not near a 7-11 today :)
  18. Lol. Looks like some of the mobils which are shutting down are becoming 7-11's. More slurpee woohoo.
  19. i do love slushies/slurpees!
  20. I am addicted to them. The ones at Maccas and other servos don't come anywhere close to the taste of the ones at 7/11.