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6ft 7" Tall Rider Newbie Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tmg, May 2, 2006.

  1. Ok first thing's first I DID A SEARCH and read up a lot on a few bike pages and magazines, and have decided that I want a Suzuki Motorbike.

    I have also sat on one at the Suzuki Dealer and they're really comfy, and the stance is a perfect "A-Frame" with my arms and there's no stress on my back or legs or neck either.

    I had a look at a GS500F and it looks like a good starter bike, but if I was to get a 250cc to start with it would also be Suzuki "Race style bike".

    whole purpose of this post is what do the guys and gals here think about this model of bike if they've owned one before or known someone who has and if it's worth it.

    I had a lesson monday 1 week ago and according to the instructors husband - who took my mate on his Q-Ride day, I am a natural with almost every apsect. Looking forward to my next lesson.

  2. You wont fit on a japanese 250 sports bike, so dont bother. Your lucky you are in a state which uses power to weight instead of straight out engine capacity...

    Im close-ish to your height, and the only 250 sports (fully faired) I could comfortably fit on was the Aprilia RS250. On all the jap bikes I found my knees cant navigate the tank/fairings and if you have feet to match your height you will find it hard to get them on the pegs and under the gear change.

    As for the bike your looking at, ive never ridden one, however most of what ive heard from people seems to be positive. You could do a search on the forum for GS500F and im sure you will find some words of wisdom on the site..

    Also budget for having to probably get custom gear, not that that should be a suprise!

    Good luck.
  3. Wanna bet?


    This fellow's 6' 7" too. He rode that CBR250RR from Gippsland to Apollo Bay and back. He kept up for the most part and wasn't too uncomfortable.

    If I was told I doubt that I would have believed it. But yeah, big tall lanky fellows like that CAN ride little 250 "sports" bikes if they put their minds to it, or if they have no other choice...
  4. Id say a brave effort, albeit an uncomfortable one. Just because you *can* doesnt mean you should - and in this case is definately not a reason to buy one of these bikes.

    I still stand by saying tmg "won't fit" - if he wants to hang out all over the bike with his knees sticking outside the fairings and his elbows poking out at odd angles, im sure he *can* ride a jap 250.

    tmg has a choice, so no reason to consider these little machines.
  5. I've seen little guys on CBR250s make em look small. Someone 6"7' on one is going to look like he's on a pocketbike!
  6. I am 6'4" with a GS500E, and I am fine on it. The Kawasaki ER-5 is also good. For a 250, try the Suzuki Bandit. It has a larger frame than most other 250's and is a bit more comfortable.
  7. Fall his "lankiness", Dave in the photo didn't look like what Lotus7 was describing. I doubt that the fairing would've been of much benefit to him, but yeah, he managed to do the trip. Another mate's son who's about 6' 2" did MEL-Tintaldra-Merimbula-MEL on a CBR250RR. Again, another case of ride it or don't ride, due to Vic's 250cc laws. Still enjoyed the ride and through the Snowies he did a valiant job of keeping up with some of the other lads on their 600s etc.
  8. LOL!!! some funny comments there fellas! :LOL:

    Thanx for the opinions and I will have a good think about what bike to get. Untimately a GSX R 600 one day, but I gotta do my Q-Ride 1st but it will be simple and I love riding.

    Some of my mates reccomended an Aprilia RS250 too, so I reckon I could get one of them.
  9. Since you can do Q-ride and get anything I sugest you do that.

    Dont get a sports 600 though. Get something less powerfull but still large so your comfortable, one of the nakeds.
  10. mate im 6 4 and im on a bandit 250

    i had the same problem when i was choosing a bike all the dealers wanted to put me on cbr's and little ninja's which are great for going down the road but if you wanna do a good legnth ride on a weekend are very painful

    but my bandit is very comfy and while it may not have much power are still alot of fun
  11. The Hornet 250 is the same size as the Hornet 600; it's probably one of the biggest 250s.
  12. oh man. 6 FOOT 7.

  13. hmmm...WTF??? :?: :? :) :eek:

    What does that mean?
  14. I think it means s/he wants to jump your bones dude........

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. SHE, Andrew. What on earth makes you think i'm not female???!!!!
    Sorry TMG. I just happen to go nuts for tall guys and couldn't resist passing what was clearly a badly taken/executed comment.
  16. Sorry, didn't read your profile, which is why I covered all bases with s/he!
    Hey, you might have been a gay man, it seems quite the rage these days..not that there's anything wrong with that!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. that's quite ok. it's nice to recieve some...what's the word...interest, in that way about my height...I haven't had many people DROOL over my height. I tend to think I am a bit of an ugly duckling sometimes. I was one of those kids who never had a girlfriend at school....speaking of which...

    Sorry to dissapoint you man but no way am I gay...I am straighter than straight and would be six feet under if I was a poofter...besides something like that completely contrdicts my beliefs.

    Anyway that last bit was off topic......but if any chicks here want pics feel free!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. yeh theres only one problem with the aprilia, you cant RIDE IT ON YOUR L'S OR P'S in NSW, like its on the banned list from the RTA so that rules that bike out unless you have already got your license...
  19. Six foot Seven, huh? I soooo know that feeling.

    Best bet for leaner legal bikes in NSW (and Ive gone thru all of them) GS500, ER-5, and NTV-650 Revere.

    My choice of those? The GS. Bullet-proof (tho i did manage to kill mine), handles stunningly, great for communting, learning, touring (with a screen) and gives a good ride in the twisties as well.
    Siimple fact: ANY bike (even once you are over restrictions) is GOING TO BE SMALL. Maybe not too small, but small none the less. Trust me. Once off restrictions, the only bikes Ive felt particularly comfortable on is the GSXF750, and Rendrag's Beemer. YOU WILL MAKE A BUSA/BLACKBIRD look like a pocket bike. You will learn to laugh at it, and the jokes will never stop.

    Taking this into account (that every bike is going to be small) the hard part you are gonna find isnt the bike. Its the gear. I havent been able to afford custom gear yet, so I have had to stick with off the shelf at this stage. The pants are always too short, and the jackets always too baggy. Currently I have 34 Draggins (about an inch too short) and a Motodry XVent jacket (XL). Its not great, but its 'do-able'.

    Hope I havent ranted too much, just speaking from experience...

    And as for the girl who likes the tall guys.... you can find me at Toast in Canberra, most Friday nights :dance:
    Ahhh....look for the tall guy I guess...

    hehe :LOL: :p
  20. Like someone else said here..."gotta love Q-Ride!"

    An Aprillia 250 would fly. I wanna get a Suzi though, but maybe a V-Twin version? GS500s are twins aren't they?