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69SIM - 20160911 - Spring has Sprung

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Well the Spring has Sprung Netrider organised ride was a great success! Many members turned up, some staying a short while, some meeting up along the way, but overall a great day. Some of us had an adventure as well.

    The video is much longer than normal, at about 15 minutes. With two cameras running on mine and SibiSibi's helmet and being in two different ride groups there was lots to choose but I ended up doing just the focus points... you'll see anyway, ENJOY!

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  2. team discovery - lol. have only got through half of it for now 69SIM69SIM and SibiSibi - great work and thanks for doing this, must have taken hours and hours. gotta go to work will watch the rest tonight.

    westy = the grandmaster (y)
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  3. Needed more video of Team Beta, that would have been ideal.
  4. aka the B Team lol

    I know you really want more ape shots, I'll pop around for a private photo session one day and you can pshop me in
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  5. #5 Andrew West, Sep 16, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2016
    :LOL: @ team discovery, great work 69SIM69SIM and SibiSibi and as I said previously even though team discovery had an 'adventure' no blood was spilt and no bikes were damaged and after looking at the clip it also reminds me of how perfect the weather was (y).
    The future rides have a lot to live up to ;).

    Edit: Actually I think team discovery may have found a route 'The Vibranator' needs to explore, if you're not sure of the route I'm sure you could follow SibiSibi :)
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  6. I thought work was the perfect place to spend time on NR? Certainly is for me :whistle:
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  7. Yes I have been told that road is nice for a bit of dirt adventuring :D
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  8. Top job mate. Well done!

    I like how each of the groups got their dedicated soundtrack LOL :)

    I didn't know that Sibi can text that fast. hahahaha :)
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  9. aka Bill's Road
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  10. When the fire is lit mate, move outta the way ;)

    Hahaha, poor Bill...
  11. LOL :)

    I just noticed. Nice photoshop of the group shot mate. hahahaha :) :) Top marks for that one.
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  12. Haha, I wondered if someone would pick it up :)

    It's his shoes that really gives it away and the fact that poor Anzac71Anzac71's head just sort of pokes out fro behind the monument :)
  13. Excellent work Mr Simon.
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  14. travel all over the countryside, lol

    that noisy red thing that Steve VtecSteve Vtec was riding loves the dirt!
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  15. 69SIM69SIM - was that the grandmaster (Andrew WestAndrew West) that overtook you at 12:22?
    SibiSibi - was that Steve VtecSteve Vtec that overtook you at 12:27?

    absolute ripper of a clip you put together! love it! thank you!!!
  16. I think it was Senator17Senator17
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  17. I wasn't sure if the versys had such super acceleration or not but it all happened so fast
  18. Mate I was already at the pie having a cuppa :whistle:
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  19. That's the bit I liked the most. hahahaha :) You gotta show it to him ;)
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  20. Lovely. Thanks for that simon, I imagine it's quite a painstaking task...
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