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69SIM 20160621 - The Valvoline Experience

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. An epic adventurer needs an epic video, I guess this will have to do :)

    ValvolineValvoline, Steve VtecSteve Vtec, Andrew WestAndrew West, 69SIM69SIM
    DrSleepyDrSleepy, GigittGigitt, GeorgeOGeorgeO

    SibiSibi, chilliman64chilliman64

    Enjoy :)

    1) Fork mount kept on coming loose so I have put the camera back up near the headlight. It suffers a bit of vibration so still looking for the sweet spot.
    2) Music took a bit longer than I wanted mainly as I was playing with a new version of the software.
    3) Need to adjust rear camera to get better exhaust notes an less crackling.
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  2. A top young lady and she can ride pretty dam good. I so love the ride through the hill with her. Thankyou for the time in putting this together and can't wait for more of the Adventure's of Valvoline.
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  3. great vid 69SIM69SIM if they get any better you'll be charging us to watch them.

    I echo your sentiments about ValvolineValvoline: you may be small in stature but you have the spirit of a giant and deserve your status as a legend here on Netrider and the wider m/c community! (y)
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  4. Wow 69SIM69SIM , just wow. THIS is a great reminder and will be for yes to come for the epic Syd NR Crew :) Talk about camaraderie !!

    *blush* I'm just a rider thats a wanna be photographer with hyperactive tendencies & likes peeps to join up for rides fun :wacky::ROFLMAO:
    Legend is when you go fight a war or save someone's life or something of that caliber... (y)
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  5. legends can also inspire and give hope to others
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  6. I like the Westy Cam!
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  7. (y) Another cracking video 69SIM69SIM , I really like the 3 camera part of the clip and the music was great in fact the opening tune I though "hello 70's p0rn" :woot:
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  8. We need a georgecam now :snaphappy:
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  9. And not trying to hijack your thread 69SIM69SIM but here's a Pie Brooklyn semi hot lap (lol)

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  10. Brilliant work....
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  11. Hijack away, it's all good :D
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  12. You're too modest! Every time you post a video I'm straight onto it to have a look and this is no exception. What a great day out to the ferry!
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  13. Thanks mate, it *is* really just a bit of a dabble, if I let myself get OCD about all the stuff on the vids I'd never get one out hehe. Having ValvolineValvoline stop and take pictures was a great way to get different footage instead of just corner after corner which whilst fun riding them, is not much fun watching them :)
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