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69SIM 20160612 - Curves (MadDog's Curves)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hello!

    Another attempt at using the GPS and DashWare software along with some nice curvy roads. This time a couple of us crazy Netriders decided to brave the icicles for a early morning ride up Bells Line to Mount Victoria, Katoomba and then back around. This section of video was taken from MadDogMadDog's road, which I have dubbed MadDog's Curves.

    A few things to note:
    1) Using two cameras, front one on the right hand fork, the back one just above the exhaust.
    2) When cutting the GPS data from the GPS software, it tends to bork up the first set of data points so the grade gauge and the time counter are both screwed up, though the grade gauge rights itself after 20 seconds or so, the time is just out by 20-30 seconds.
    3) The audio from the rear camera has some awesome exhaust sound but also suffered from some crackle from the microphone so I had to tweak it and it's not as nice as I had hoped.
    4) The music was written by me, rushed to completion but I hope it adds a funky element to the video.

    Enjoy :)

    GeorgeOGeorgeO, Andrew WestAndrew West, Senator17Senator17, GigittGigitt, chilliman64chilliman64, MadDogMadDog, SibiSibi, MarmiteMarmite

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  2. #2 chilliman64, Jun 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
    yes mate that's a great clip a shame I missed that part of the ride. awesome composition - had a Magnificent Seven vibe.

    I see a tail tidy in your future :woot:
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  3. Thanks Simon. I like the soundtrack
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  4. You WROTE that music??? What a talent!!!!!
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  5. Love it great job 69SIM69SIM (y). SibiSibi your riding lines look really good, ready to lead I reckon :whistle:
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  6. Excellent suggestion young Andrew. Next ride will be called Sibi's Turn.
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  7. I agree, I followed SibiSibi for a lot of the ride yesterday and she went very well. was especially cool under pressure when those two idiots in the sh!tbox wagon were behind her as we were going through Bilpin.
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  8. Poor GigittGigitt copped an earful over the Sena - I was swearing full stream at the idiots when they were tailgating MadDogMadDog.
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  9. yes, they were d*cks
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  10. Thanks all :)

    hornethornet, I dabble a bit, thanks for your words.
    chilliman64chilliman64, haha yeah, I've been tempted to fix up that tail.
  11. Thanks guys, my riding has come a long way thankfully, having GigittGigitt in front of me helped too. One day I will lead and hopefully contribute to the pac :)
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  12. I was following you!

    put the price of soy coffee up an extra 50cents and you'll have it before you know it!
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  13. We can call it the tail tidy levy, that way people won't feel cheated because it's not a tax
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  14. in fact they would be happy to pay it - I would! TTL
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  15. 69SIM69SIM I asked chilliman64chilliman64 if he noticed a life size orange giraffe on the opposite side of the road on The Great Western Highway after leaving Katoomba somewhere lol. By chance did you catch it on either of your cams ?. I think it was a plant nursery.
  16. I saw a gorilla, it may be the same place.
  17. Let me check :)
  18. I saw the giraffe as well. The place sells garden pots and water features etc.
  19. Gee I hope you did otherwise there was something in the bacon and egg roll from Pips place :bored: that or the cheese cake !
  20. yep that's the one, I think it's the same place.