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69SIM 20160514 - Curves

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, May 15, 2016.

  1. Made a bit of a video of part of the ride home from seeing my mum. Took the Great North Road way back and this particular section between Wollombi and Laguna was particularly nice and curvy.

    I've been playing with DashWare to get GPS data onto my videos using the data gathered from my Garmin Zumo 590LM. There is a bit of lag involved in the gauges as the GPS has some strange data logging probably to save over bloating the data logs. The video and data logs are correctly timed at the start but there is some drifting.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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  2. I like it 69SIM69SIM , what's the gauge above the GPS speed indicating ?
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  3. Isn't it a scenic part of the country there! And perfect weather too. Your video makes me want to ride through there. We visited that area of the Hunter Valley (by car) about this time in 2012 and had lunch at Wollombi - at the time I was thinking about motorcycles too. That is even better that it's on the way through to visit your Mum!
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  4. Thanks Andrew WestAndrew West, in order from top to bottom the gauges are:

    1: GPS Map with logging distance, logging time and compass heading (which I stuffed up on and sometimes the text bugs out).
    2: Slope grade, when the needle is green it's a downhill slope, when red it's uphill. Mainly used in cyclist videos but I thought it was cool.
    3: G-Force meter, supposedly indicates the amount of G-Force I am feeling.
    4: Similar to #3, it uses to the Acceleration vector to show approximate acceleration and deceleration forces.
    5: Speedo as an arc graph, dynamic value and then bottom value is the altitude above sea level.
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  5. Good stuff mate.

    I love the GPS superimposed on the clip
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  6. nice vid 69SIM69SIM - some big differences between the speedo and GPS, I think I saw a 10kmh difference at one point.
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  7. Thanks BitSarBitSar, I'd love to be able to get more gizmos on there, but I think I'd end up with all gauges and no video hehe ;)
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  8. Yeah that's the shifting lag between the GPS data and the speedo offset. Doing a live test with the GPS the speedo seems to be about 5-6 km lower over all speed ranges.
  9. I didn't know there was a lag, learn something new everyday!

    I also learned that if I want a video clip put together I need to get you to do it for me lol
  10. There is a small delay, usually not noticeable when you are live with the GPS and driving but scrapping data from the logs it is more noticeable as not all data is logged.

    Hehe, happy to do vids, just get me the video and I'll give it a shot, though my motto is "All care, all bodgy, no responsibility" ;)
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  11. I'm loving that thumbnail haha

    I really like the diagnostics on the overlay too, that's pretty cool (and a little nerdy).

    I feel like putting some tech on my bike (thought more than once about building a bike-proof 'dashcam') but am just too lazy...
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  12. Thanks. The data comes from the GPS, any gps, even one you have on your phone should be able to log and output data as a .gpx file which the DashWare software uses.

    The camera is stuck on the side of my helmet though i have a couple of spots on the bike for "action" shots but don't often use it. Just gotta beware of any over excited police with it being on the helmet.
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  13. Yeah, I have a gopro mount on the top and have one planned for the side - but I'm apprehensive given the rather dubious laws in NSW on it.
    That leaves me with a chest-mount (meh) a suction mount on the front fairing (good drama shots but too much for an entire ride) or the same suction mount on my tail (still meh)

    The reason I thought of a dash-cam would be to have it run off the bike's power (and power down with engine) and run like a car dashcam (record video and wipe over the data after x days) but being waterproof and (sorta) shock-proof.
    That way a) You're not really violating any rules and b) You don't have to think about operating a camera until you actually need it.
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  14. Yeah, I've seen a few people do it, not sure what cameras they use, but they turn on and go from bike start up and just loop data in the memory. A good idea.
  15. Something like this perhaps?
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  16. Y-yes? Thank you for this, I might read up on it.
  17. No problems. :)