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696 is down

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by benjamin78au, May 14, 2009.

  1. While riding ,the brother inlaw put his 696 down.

    Lookings like he busted

    handlebars , bent, but not brokern, but for safety we want to replace.
    and the Gear lever is gone, so need a new one of those,

    Any thing worth while generic, or has it got to be ducati?


  2. buy expensive toys, expect to pay for expensive spares, I guess

    cut back on lattes for a few months :LOL:???
  3. don't go generic on a Ducati , it will keep bugging you and your mates that its not orig until you end up coughing up for the proper bits in the end. this has been my experience anyway. goodluck

    ex ducati owner
  4. gear lever will really need to be new and genuine
    but try for a 695 handel bar if cheaper
    they also have more of a bend in them and can make the ride position a little nicer
  5. I agree with Avon - just put stock Ducati parts back on. You can find plenty of bits and pieces on ebay cheap enough.
  6. It seems there is two born every minute.

    With handlebars and levers, they are the same no matter who makes them.
  7. On what planet because it isn't the case here on Earth.

    As has been said, genuine gear lever. With the bars, if he liked the std position, consider genuine replacement. The opportunity exists to check out other bars out there though and he may find something he prefers.
  8. I now know why the Italians can sell bikes at all.
  9. I used to think that, so I ordered a generic brake lever for my Bandit 1200... but when it came the fit and finish wash substantially rougher than the original and it was a different colour.

    And it was only $10 cheaper!

    Not again...
  10. And then there's the metallurgical differences, ie. the cheapo cast ones are just not as strong as the originals. Do you want to skimp on the primary means of stopping you?
  11. yeah , he ended up going the original stuff, as price was pretty much the same.,