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  2. They are calibrated so that the air bag will only be triggered above a certain amount of pulling force.
  3. I tried to download the price list but said 'corrupted file'

    anyone elase have this????

    What are they worth?

  4. No problem opening price list. Various jacket styles with prices ranging from 700-960.

    They are also in NR partner discounts so NR members get $50 discount.
  5. Yeah I have read about them. They have been around for a while. There is a Japanesse com[any that does this sort of this but it is triggered by a ring pull on a canister of compressed gas. And it is reusable, so long as the jacket isn't badly damaged.

    Still I am trying to open this Australian site but it is taking ages, so I guess I'll wait a while and post back later.
  6. Yeah I think they are the same design.

    They look as if they are worth a shot, and if it saves you only once it is a fantastic investment. And if it never saves you then it is still worth the extra protection.
  7. mate phil at last might brewery meet had it he was showing the canister and the 'rip cord'

    interesting :wink:
  8. see other forum topic "Airbag Motorcycle Jackets"

    There was a previous discussion at "Airbag Motorcycle Jackets".

    I note on the website NEWS page they will be at Melb, Brisnabe Motorcycle Expos and also Sydney soon.