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690 Duke vs Dorsoduro vs Husqvana Nuda vs Hyper

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spanky, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. so I've ridden the Hyper, Dorso and Nuda, and will give the Duke a go, but I just can`t make a decision!
    I did love the Dorso and the Hyper, but I'm a little anti Ducati (just am).
    Has anyone any thoughts on these 4?

  2. I have a 750 Dorso, they are good bikes as long as you don't want to commute through traffic every day on it. As a commuter they are pretty ordinary as the partial throttle tuning is just rubbish. I've been through about 4 re-flashes trying to get it to run right, and its improved but still not 100%. Through the twisties they are fantastic though.

    The hyper looks fantastic but is way overpriced for what it is if you ask me - the 750 Dorso destroys the 796 Hyper and isn't far off the 1100 in terms of power.

    Overall, I don't think I would buy another 750 Dorsoduro but I would definitely give the 1200 a go. The KTM looks like a shitload of fun if you want something light and don't need big power.
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  3. Husqi. looks awesome fun.
  4. The baby KTM will be a bit underpowered compared to your other options?

    I have the Nuda 900R and love it. The low throttle opening tuning is also a little off (could be the 1cm throttle slack I have atm) though...
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  5. Ride a 990SMR and weep because they are NLA.
  6. What? We're not talking the LC8 motor KTM's here... I have a friend with a batshit insane SMR and I know what they're like.

    690 Duke (which the OP is talking about) isn't like that.

    What's NLA btw?
  7. I assume the Nuda is EFI yeah?

    Similar prb with my 2012 TE310. Granted totally different bike BUT the demo model tested wasn't as smooth as I'd expect at low or constant RPM. Really wanted me to ride it like a 2T and if I did I had no issues....but be buggered if I could ride a constant RPM without alot of jerkyness....

    I read alot about this issue and it seemed to come down to the fact they are choked up to pass ADRs and also a reason that Husky have been offering their 'race kit' free with newer models...choked up bikes to pass ADR's is hardly a new thing so I was fairly confident the fuelling could be tuned to be better....

    So I laid down my hard earned, picked up the bike with the free ECU/Injector upgrade (and new mapping) installed and sheesh it's bloody AWESOME VS the demo bike (which was still corked)....

    I'd love to hear a fuller 'riders' test from anyone who does own the Nuda....
    It's high on my road bike shopping list, but I fear it will kill my ar3e to ride it on longer trips... :( well that and the fuel range :(
  8. Street Triple, you'll have more fun n that than any of these bikes! Such a top bike I'm going back to one from a new Speedy
  9. I tend to disagree ;)
  10. I knew you would man, but really you are the exception to the rule here. Pretty much everyone who's ridden them loves them, including every magazine worldwide...
  11. I liked it as well. It is a cracking motor. Maybe I should have bought an R? I don't think it's the be all and end all of all bikes forever, though.
  12. Probably, the R is a bit nicer to ride (I've had both). Also I had a think about it, the R bars are much nicer and a better bend too, so you might have got on better with it.

    I dont think anything is the be all and end all, but bang for buck the Street R is unbelievable to ride.

    As you said, cracker motor that eats much bigger ones no worries.
  13. No Longer Available. But if it were, it would be the one IMO.
  14. Especially when you -1 the front, add a quick shifter & it'll still do 220kph but accelerates like nobodies business. I've still only got 350km on my Nuda but riding it is like riding a wave of torque everywhere you go. It's so much fun. Even more so than I had on the Streety. Also on the MY12 Street Triples they had the same bars as the R.

    Ahh, got ya. Before I pulled the trigger on the Nuda 900R I looked for any new old stock SMR's and unfortunately there were none :(
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  15. Coincidentally a mate is in negotiations for a 900R. I'm itching to see what it's like (he's ridden my 950SM and thinks the 900 motor is better but the forks not quite as good. Great value for money.)
  16. Nah, love them, but coming off the Daytona, I find the street triple too underpowered and a bit lacking. The speed is awesome, but don't think that's the kind of bike I want as I will commute with it as well. I love the way the motard style bikes feel and I've got botchy knees, so being able to keep my legs straighter is a massive selling point for me.

    I think I just need to go and ride them all again, but I appreciate the KTM will probably be underpowered.
  17. why not try and find a lightly used KTM 990 SMR? even the 950/990sm is a super fun street bike.

    the LC8 engine is a fantastic street engine, so much response and grunt through the rev range.
  18. Thanks, good idea:)
  19. If the Street Triple doesn't have enough power for you, nothing on your list short of a 1200 Dorso or Hyper 1100 is going be enough. Oh and maybe the Nuda - not sure how much power they make?

    I had a Street Triple before the Dorso, and the trumpy is definitely quicker. The Dorso has better midrange but runs out of puff badly at about 10000 rpm. I find the dorso way more fun to ride though - it just feels like a hooligan machine :D It doesn't like to be ridden gently, it just wants you to thrash it and do highly illegal things.

    I second the 990 SMR call - definitely the coolest big supermoto. Good luck finding one though! And if you do it won't be cheap!
  20. Nuda 900R is same weight as the Street Triple. 77kW (versus 78kW on the Street) but >100Nm torques. So in reality it's not much down on the streety. The way it delivers the power is different though.
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