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690 DUKE 2013 & 690 Duke 2013

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by uncosnail, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Was just wondering people's opinions on this one. Only weighs 149kg!!

  2. The reviews say that it is a softer, smoother-running version of the previous model. That may not be a bad thing because the last one was a bit harsh.
    It's going after a more mainstream market, with a lower seat height, (much) better fuel consumption and reduced vibration. And it's priced reasonably well when you compare it to the middleweight twins it's up against.
  3. light, grunty, fun. abs is good if you like that kind of thing.

    would wind out to 200km/h i'd reckon.

    feel really compact to sit on, makes you want to do bad things.
  4. I have the 2012 version of the 690 and it appears to be basically identical to the 2013 model.
    -12,500 ride away is a very good deal
    -leaves you with a shit eating grin after every ride.
    -with all the torque available wringing its neck to stupid speeds is fun.
    -good fuel economy. 5ish l/100km for commuting in winter with the longer warm ups, about 4.2-4.3 l/100km in summer. That is flogging it and not riding for economy (not enough discipline to ever try that for more than the first 5 mins)
    -with the pilot powers on it sticks to the road like glue even in the wet and sometimes icy conditions of Canberra.
    - I am 6'4" and have never felt cramped whilst riding.
    - ABS can be switched off in only a few seconds.
    - Some accessories for it are dirt cheap.
    - approx 300km range. (warning at 220 to 240 and usually only takes 9-10l to fill it back up)
    - stupid quick off the line.

    - with all the torque available wringing its neck is a constant part of riding (at least to get up to speed)
    - accessory supply was woeful when purchasing, delivered June and some accessories didn't come in until October with an ETA of 2 weeks.
    - oil changes are a pain in the ass with 2 sump plugs, 2 random extra drain holes and 2 oil filters to replace. (genuine filters are f**king expensive.
    - long periods on the bike leave your hands feeling like tuning forks when you get off, even though you don't really notice the vibrations whilst riding.
    - the slightly odd shape of the seat and texture of the standard seat wore through the denim on a pair of riding jeans in a few months. I don't scratch my balls so much that it would become a factor. :whistle:
    -some accessories are stupidly priced in Australia (same part in US about 70% cheaper)
    - has 6 gears and you only need 4 of them for all use (5th can be ok at 110 but 6th is not for the road)
    - random and oddly designed exhaust mount broke in the first 1000km (I still reckon it was the mechanic that did the service that broke it because it was fine on the way to the shop and when I parked it out front)
    - when you say you ride a duke everyone assumes Ducati. :bored:
    -stupid wannabe motocross sticker kit looks rubbish (tell them not to install it before delivery)

    Most of the negatives are fairly minor except the delays on accessories and the oil changes, although now it has been out for a year it may be better for options.

    with the type of riding I do (daily commute, weekly or fortnightly random day trips and a long trip 1-2 times a year) it is great.

    I was tossing up between this, a bandit, an F800ST and a Sprint GT. I ended up picking this for the sheer fun factor compared to the other options. The ST would be a more sensible, albeit pricier choice but I am still happy with my choice nearly a year on.

    If you aren't sure you like the look or really want one DO NOT take a test ride because you will end up with one in the garage.

    Also it is apparently speed limited to 260km/h but I have not tested that. Other than the akra and the slight change in power I don't see a substantial difference between the standard and the R version.
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  5. if you are looking for a big jump in power get the evo2 kit (i think thats what its called for the duke, its a cam and airbox package) it will give you more than 5rwhp gain easy as shit. there's no noticeable loss in bottom end, its as if ktm designed the engine around this cam then swapped it out for something more mild.
  6. I have never felt the need for more power. I just love the sound of the engine as you wind it out. However that being said I have never heard of too much power. (y)