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68cc Kit for Bolwell Red Devil

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Braddo, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. You will need to rejet or upgrade the carby otherwise it will run too lean and sieze.
    You may need to change the rollers so you bring the power band back where it belongs.
    I would also upgrade the reed petals, put in a kevlar belt to avoid slippage, and put on an aftermarket exhaust designed for 70cc bikes.

  2. :moped: :moped: :moped:
  3. people who spella honda as hondat?


    rejet carbies, upgrade the transweights put on an expansion chamber exhaust.

    should be fine.
  4. where bouts u located mate?

    the shop that u purchased the kit from should have all the relevant details i belive BRaddo has done the conversion?? he woudl knwo more details than i. i have only looked into it not yet done it as unsure if my motor will handle the bore upgrade. im just looking at exhaust as a first step.

    the weighst are used to adjust speed/acceleration now u have mor epower u want the top end extended but also a balanced lower end. rejetting the carbi wil save it from running lean due to the increase in capacity.

    if ur in adelaide go to city scoots, he does alot of conversions. your local shop should knwo all the necesary details. it woudl almost be neglicent to sell u the kit with out giving u the further advice to run the kit properly...
  5. Out of curiosity, what would such a kit cost? I'm assuming it's a change over barrel. But what about all the extras like jets, exhaust($$) etc.
    Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy a bigger scoot or a real bike?
  6. Hey OBM,
    you make a good point but i think as has been discussed in another thread sometime, there is a certain amount of pleasure in riding a small capacity bike at its limits. Even though those limits might be a little lower than superbike, it’s the same principle. And its lots of fun.
  7. bore exhaust jetting weights etc ruff 600$

    also retains the scooter ease parking cheap rego cheap insurance easy to ride. extrea CC doesnt make it appear any different retain car licence.

    my insurance is "scooter to capacity of 70cc" even tho its a 50cc scooter. so to my mind even with the kit im insured.

    bigger scooter is one thing... " real bike" another.

    scooters are also bought for good reasons. do a search of all teh scooter abuse threads and u will find all of us having to defend our choices ot own a scooter over a 'real bike"
  8. with a 70cc in sa legally u need a bike licence!!!

    i got told the 70cc kit was about $500- fitted and he didnt mention anything about weights or the carby etc

    unless it all gets done for the price?

    exhaust will give u tp end but slow u down low :(
  9. sikma is correct anything over 50cc is requiring a licence.

    but... if it dont look any different... ;)

    not recomending anything illegal. but any scooter that can exceed 60km an hhr is also ment to have a bike licence. not just on engine capacity. sa rd rules are strange on that.
  10. Actually I think it is 50kph, is the limit for "mopeds" in SA.
    Not that any serving police officer actually knows that.

    Oh, and you are screwed if the insurance company finds out
    if you have a 70cc kit. Although the insurance covers the bike,
    they won't pay out an unlicenced rider, which technically you are not
    if you are using your car licence.
  11. The limit was actually 50Kmh, but dropped when they decided that a scooter going 50 in a 60 zone with no rider training is more dangerous for everbody, than one going 60 in a 60 zone with no training.
  12. so, the performance rollers wherent so performance based??

    interesting find mate. good to see you did some trial and error work on it!

    will look into variators aswell i reckon.
  13. turbo kit for a scooter?
    how much and where from...do i dare consider it.
    lol...could be some fun ringing insurance companies..
    me:"yes i would like to insure my turbo charged 50cc scooter".
    operator:"your what?"
    lol...alot of fun by all.
    seriously tho where and how much?
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