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675 or 1050.... Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Pez, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Just about to upgrade and cant decide on a street tripple R or speed tripple......

    I made the mistake of buying a 250 and now need to bin it to get something bigger, i would hate it if i get the 675 and need to upgrade to the 1050 in a year or so..

    I understand the 675 is a bit of a weapon itself but i love the look and idea of the 1050...... doh i cant decide



  2. I hate it when people ask the "600 or 1000" question, but when it comes to the Street vs Speed, I think the rider's height and weight make it a legitimate concern.

    How tall are you? How heavy are you? Go sit on both and I think you might make the decision yourself, as it should be.
  3. 6'1 and bout 90ish kg
  4. You would find the bigger one a bit roomier, and the stock seat is broader and notably better padded too, though the accessory seat on the Street no doubt improves matters. But it's less an issue unless you want to do many long rides.

    I'm maybe a centimetre taller than you and a bit lighter, and found the 675 great once I put flatter bars (stockers were angled in a bit too much for me, while the Speed's stock bars were pretty spot on)

    Around town the Street is nimble and quick, but the 1050 is not lacking either. It's just less sporty and agile, with power-to-weight very close.

    For a bigger, taller rider the bigger bike is a bit more roomy and comfy, but not so much that it matters around town or fanging. I rode both and chose the 675 for being the sportier, funner and more agile package, considering the 4-5 grand new price difference at the time. It has a nice light gearbox and clutch along with better fuelling down low (on the stock bikes at least) as a bonus.

    They are actually more different as bikes than most would probably think, with the 675 coming from a cutting edge modern supersport, unlike it's bigger sibling. There's also a notable weight difference.

    The 1050 on the other hand is also more relaxed in terms of things like rpm and steering response, which isn't a bad thing at all. It can still be hustled but it takes more work. It's a mechanically a lot noiser and maybe a tad less smooth in the lower rpm especially, but that is part of the appeal and one of the differences in the two for better or worse. The 675 is a generation newer and feels more modern, while the 1050 feels more angry and gruff. They both rock.
  5. 1050. It's only slightly more sexier than the 675
  6. Get both, I'll take the one you don't want.
  7. Love the 1050s single sided swingarm for pure looks.
    But the 675 engine is juuust soooooo sweet :grin:

    Ride em both and let us know what you reckon...only way.
  8. Depends on whether you want to use a razor or a sword.
  9. yeah im thinkin the sword... i dont do a lot of city riding so speed is winning..:bolt:

    i was just in two minds coz i didnt want to spend the extra coin up front for the speed and the street tripple R looks like it will do the buisness but if i was going to upgrade to the speed tripple eventually then why not get it straight away!!

    thanks wayned for the detailed response

    im still restricted for a month so ill wait till i ride both, i was just wondering what the thoughts were on the matter first

    cheers guys

  10. There might be some better info on what's in store (if anything) for the 2010 Speed by the time you're off restrictions. At the moment the ride-away price is up there a bit because they sell well. Some changes for next year might see some discounts by the time you're ready or soon after. Since you say you don't do much city riding the bigger bike's comfort probably factors more. The extra weight and longer wheelbase also give a smoother ride over the bumps.

    I just feel the 1050 motor is well due for a major upgrade, but what or when is still not clear. Apparently the Sprint gets a major facelift for 2011, but there's been little news of anything much different for next year yet. A whole new 1100-1200 motor as slick as the 675 would be a potent thing of beauty indeed. This is my little dream - a cheaper bike that punches like the Benelli TnT.
  11. I went through this same thought pattern this week myself.

    Been umming and arging for a while, so on thursday last I booked test rides on both a street and a speed.

    The street felt great , not small , and not lacking in power. and I thought the decision was made, but then ... im not a small guy , so once you start looking at the adjustable suspension on the street triple "R" then the rideaway is $15200 ish ..

    Once I rode the Speed triple tho, it was like putting on a comfy shoe.

    It just felt a bit bigger, higher, and gave more confidence to the ride.

    So , then it was ... new or second hand ?!

    new for the specs i wanted was around $19 ... ended up finding one for $16 2008 model with 3,000 K's on it, one year of warranty and all the bits and bobs I wanted.

    So , for $1000 more than a street , I got the speed, and for $3k less than new ....

    Im pretty happy.

    Should pick it up next week.

  12. That's pretty good. from 2008 on they get some good bits and tweaks.

    Some actually find the 675 a bit daunting because it feels very flighty and short compared to most things besides 600 sports bikes. But it's rock solid once you adapt and learn to trust the chassis (and not tighten your grip on the bars). A KTM Superduke seems a logical step after this.
  13. Just went through the same thing.. it started last month and ended today. Ill tell you the punch line and then a bit more about background..

    have a huge grin on my face... just got a speed triple ('09 model) an ex-demo with 900km on the clock in blazing orange. Paid $11300 plus the trade in of my '04 GS500. (good sales service from the guys at TeamMoto blacktown)...

    now.. also rode the street (R and base) and found them slightly more comfy for my height (173 cm) but I loove the engine of the speed. Forgiving and Fun. I'll be using it as a commuter mostly and loved how it could hang longer in 2nd and 3rd. I'll also be doing some commuter 2 up in the mornings ... and wow it looks good.. Single swing arm.. bit more muscly in the looks.

    Now, both bike are great.. the street is wonderful. Like I said for my height I can get my feet flat and push it about the parking lot with more confidence.. If you get a bargain or a good trade or you feel good about it go for it.

    as an aside. i was looking at Hornet 900s, Big Bandits and FZ1's .. all good in their own ways.. jokingly ive said this week that the Bandit makes me look 10 years older and 10 kgs heavier ;P, the hornet is just me (bit booring), and the Speed makes me look 10 years younger and 10 kgs lighter..

    now need to wait until next saturday to pick it up..

    pic here
  14. i suppose my next question is...

    are the arrow silencers worth the extra cash? i love the look of them and presume the sound is better (a mate has the thruxton with the 2 into 1 fitted and it sounds bloody good) but its startin to mount up cash wise
  15. jeeeeeeeezus lukb, that thing looks great. Decent price for it too. Well done, I am a little jealous!

  16. Pez.. yes they will sound lovely .. but ride and enjoy the bike .. then mod it when you can .. get some value from the cans you will have paid for with the bike .. I figure.. if I can afford more on extras now then i will put it into the base bike .. get a better base now then get the extras later. Rather than a 7k bike with 3k of extras I went for a 10k swap-over.. ended at 11300 but yah.. that was the basic thinking
  17. good point mate cheers...

    oh and the bike looks sweet, congrats