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675 Daytona

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Daniel31415, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    First of all, Its my 1st post so Hi everyone.

    Second of all... I'm TORN! I've been on my full license for around a year now and its getting close to upgrade time.

    I have never spent more than 2 hrs at a time in the saddle but when I do that I usually feel pretty relieved to be off the thing. I dont want to end up on a machine which will limit my enjoyment by being uncomfortable...

    But god dammit the 675 daytona is just too sexy for words.

    So I guess I want an experienced rider who has been through my decision making process to tell me if I should be aiming at the daytona or to say "stop being a young idiot, get something less edgy"

    Before all of you shout "street trip", I would love one but I hate being cold on the bike. If enough people say they aren't that bad I'd gladly consider it, but I've had a few people tell me to stay away from it.

    Last question... are service costs much extra for triumphs? I'm willing to do oil, air filter, brakes, etc myself, just dont wanna do anything inside the motor.

    Thanks guys
  2. Daniel, welcome to Netrider (tradition dictates that you make a welcome thread in the Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greetings section though).

    yeah, the Daytona is a nice choice although you will feel your muscles for a while stepping off the more upright riding position of the GS500F. Plenty of grunt from the triple and extremely nimble - just don't go nuts from the get-go... take your time to get used to it (2.5x the HP).

    What does this mean?
    Why would the Daytona be any colder for the rider?

    My final question is what have a few people said to make you weary of the 675?
  3. Guess the cold thing is a lack of fairings comment?

    Get a street triple, they're way cooler (see what I did there?).
  4. *Badumtish!*
  5. Early Daytonas fry their rectifiers because of a stupid design.

    You really get better quality with Japanese, if that doesnt worry you get the trumpy. Your money.
  6. Sorry, the street triple has no fairings so I thought it would be colder and wetter.

    I will be very careful with the power, but I have ridden older supersport 600's before, I know what I'm getting into.

    And yes Victriple, I saw what you did there :rolleyes:
    I love the street triple. I think its gorgeous. I just thought that as I will only have one bike and it is likely to be used for commuting, I should have something with a fairing.

    I'd love everyone to tell me I'm wrong though. It was the original street triple with the circular headlights that I was dreaming of when I first got my L's.

    Do they take pillions any better than the daytona?
  7. Excellent.

    This is a thread that I would start.

    Shall be watching this one.

  8. #8 Nosoh, Nov 19, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2012
    so you dont like getting wet, being cold or uncomfortable? are you sure this motorcycling thing is for you?

    imo the plastic on the daytona is for track speeds...

    even the biggest jelly bellies can sit on a street triple all day long without any problems. but in saying that you will get used to the daytona...

    the triumph maintenance compares to any other midsize bike, no suprises; pretty reasonable procedure/ pricing...
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  9. I think you might be right. I've been thinking about this for some time without discussing it with other riders with a lot of experience. f*** the cold, I'll get a street trip.

    Anyone have any luck getting a test ride on one around the gosford / newcastle area? :whistle:
  10. Im speechless,,,,,,,,,,
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  11. get the daytona if your back is up to it. i've got a street triple and love it.
    but I suspect the daytona is better.
    I believe the 20000k service is expensive as there's a fair bit of labour involved in getting at the valves.
  12. Any ideas on price of the 2013 street triples
  13. Street triple is fantastic. dat street triple exhaust noise. ... Drool. Easy to ride, easy to service, very capable in the corners.