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659 parts inter changable with 696???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by slugtastic, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. hello i was wondering if any one knows if you can order parts for the ducati 659 from over sea sites. now i know its just for the aussie lams scheme but people have told me that the 696 parts will change with the 659 no worries.eg. exhausts, air filter , tidy tail, power commander, and assorted things is this true? any way would like to hear from people thanks....??????????

  2. Only difference with the 659 is a smaller bore, and restricted throttle. However, if you're off LAMs better off just to sell it, and buy a 696 (or better yet a 796).

    If you're still on LAMS leave it alone until you can sell it and buy something else. Any modification to a LAMs bike makes it automatically non-LAMS - which means potential trouble with the cops, no insurance, and problems should you try and sell the bike later.
  3. Personally, I would not swap engine performance parts from a 696 onto a 659. But cosmetic ( i.e. carbon stuff ) should fit and they are pretty universal between the 696, 759 and 1100
  4. T Im getting a 659 for my lams period which will 13 months from today. At the Ducati shopthey will sell you a termi pipe with air filter and new computer to match for 1900 they say that it fine for lame but I don't like the look of them. The Leo Vance gp pipe exhaust looks amazing but does not come with any thing else so I thought if I got that and a power commander k an n filter tune it up not only would I save 900 but most prob have a better set up as well. of course I'd keep the standard equip for when I re sell. Is rather this under seat exhaust from the USA look tough but there is a waiting list that long that lams would be over
  5. Of course they'll say that - they want to sell you $1900 worth of stuff that probably cost them $500.

    However, they're either lying to your face or have no clue on the law. It's very specific that any modification is illegal (since it could change the weight or power of the bike). If you're going to go that path there's no point in buying a LAMs bike, you may as well buy whatever you want.
  6. I've seen plenty of people riding LAMS bikes with exhausts (in QLD anyhow), but I would just keep it to a slip on at most mate. As fun as it is to do these bikes up they are restricted for a reason, get your year of experience in before you look at getting more power.

    As for cosmetic parts, you'll be fine.

    Regarding what Jd said about just getting a 796, 90% of 696 parts will also fit a 796, so if you plan to get one of these down the track you can always swap all your goodies onto it if you keep the stock parts :)