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651 glorious Autumn kilometres

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by hornet, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. I've been trying to do a 'ride' all this school holidays, but between Mrs Hornetrt being home too and other stuff, the best I've done is to get an hour or two away, and come home. But today was the last day of the hols, so it was either do it now, or another weekend.

    Sydney weather has been fabulous of late, and I wore my Moto-Dry jacket without the winter liner, and just my Black Ice gloves with my normal gloves in the Ventura for when the weather warmed up. I had intended to leave around 5:30am, but a warm bed clung onto me till a bit after 6:30, and I ended up lighting out at around 7:00am. Planned first stop was either Pie in the Sky, or Road Warriors.

    There's no nice way to get through Sydney from south of Wollongong, but it was early enough for me to have a good swoopy run through the esses on the old Highway north of Helensburgh, and the early start meant an amazingly easy run up Old Illawarra Road and through Sliverwater to Hornsby and the other Old Highway. Things were going well and I decided to pull into Road Warriors and check out the new diner. The place was [packed!! And there were some delightful sights in the parking area too.

    Honda 400/4

    Honda CB-100

    Yamaha RD-350B

  2. SL370233_1024x768.
    Yamaha YDS-1 (I think)

    Suzuki GS-850G (with a GS-1000 fairing)

    Rare and yummy Honda MVX-250 triple two-stroke
  3. SL370238_1024x768.
    Customised Yamaha RD-400

    Ducati 750GT

    Rare Moto-Morini 3 1/2 V-Twin
  4. Oooh, lust and covet. That blue RD is the same colour as my 250 was. I had an 850G, too. It was one of the most competent and one of the most boring bikes I have ever owned. Somebody called the 850G the XD Falcon of motorcycling!!!

    Pity the 400/4 owner hasn't fitted the tank badges yet. I had one of them, too.


    Note the front number plate. :)
  5. SL370236_1024x768.
    The obligatory Water-Bottle (Suzuki GT750 two-stroke triple)

    and the obligatory shot of the Hornet, in front of just some of the sixty or so bikes there at that hour of the morning.

    The coffee, for the record, was good, $3.50 a cup, the raisin toast was good $3.50 for two large slices, and the service was fast and friendly. A worthy re-incarnation of the old place, in my opinion.

    Back on the road, the 60kph speed limit and the Old Road still early-morning greasy in many places meant no heroics and soon I was out on the boring super-slab. Quick stop for fuel (16 litre fuel tanks are a real education; you stop as many times as a smoker does, but you only damage your wallet, not your health), and then swinging left into Morriset for a visit with an old school friend, then onto Edgeworth to visit my old high-school music teacher. He's over 80 now and in poor health, and he loves his old-boys to call in, which we do as often as possible.

    Next was a traverse of the goat-tracks that pass as roads through the coal-fields to the west of Newcastle before a late lunch of what was undoubteldy the most shoddily-prepared and presented chicken 'wrap' I have ever experienced, at Maccas at Cessnock. All the time getting closer to the Putty Road and the fabulous Ten Mile :LOL:

    Fuel stop (again?? Halfway House is burnt out, remember?) at Broke and then as the afternoon waned rapidly an exhilerating scamper through my old stamping ground, and to heck with the "Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Zone" :p

    They say you can't reach an old dog new tricks, but I'm not sure; I'm definitely getting more confident at long fast corners; more confident than I've been, anyway, and there are a few such in the middle sections of the Putty. With reference to the tragedy reported in Phil's thread about keeping loved ones informed, I was a bit careful round the Putty Turn-offf area, but the rest was ridden as the Putty ought to be (though certainly nowhere near as fast as the many 'hot-shoes' who passed me racing back to Sydney.)

    I always avoid the Northern Road and the grind past Oran Park these days, so the loop across from Windsor Road, along behind Panthers and out through Mulgoa, Silverdale, The Oaks and into the back of Picton is the preferred alternative. Unfortuately by the time I made my last fuel stop in Silverdale it was both dark and insect-abundant, and I was forced to make another stop in The Oaks to clean my visor before battling with the coal trucks and assorted crazies on the way across from Picton and down into Wollongong and home, arriving at around 7:00pm. I'll clean the bike tomorrow night, dinner and a home-made coffee, and Mrs Hornet's company heads the list :).
  6. I hate you!
  7. wow 650kms thats a decent ride! You made pretty good time considering you stopped to catch up with a few people.

    I don't mind the new road warriors, but it just doesn't have the same atmosphere that the old place had. I miss RWs and the old halfway house. I started going to PITS when RWs got taken over. I've heard rumors about a similer thing may happen to PITS too.

    I'm looking forward to getting in a putty > old road loop soon.
  8. I've done 650 kays and up lots of time in a day, but in my opinion you need to be mentally prepared for that sort of mileage at the start of the ride, otherwise your brain plays the old "are we there yet??" tricks. I DID find that at least on this one ,the higher average speed I set and maintained had an effect some hours after I got home, in that I was unusually stiff in many joints, and a lot more fatigued than I normally am after this sort of distance...

    As for Road Warriors, I guess if you just ride 50 or 60 kays to get there, as most Sydney riders would, then you could be choosy about the place, but when it's around 2 hours into a long trip, the difference between there and Pie In The Sky a few kays sooner is not that much of an issue.. It will be nice when (if???) the Halfway House gets rebuilt..
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not the Road Warriors cafe any more. It's called the Mount White Cafe, and there is, attached to it, a motorcycle custom business that is called Road Warriors.
  10. you are correct, but I'm guessing that it will still be known as Road Warriors, just because that's what it's always been....