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650RL Exhaust Question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Njh91, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm curious about getting a Two Brothers full exhaust put on my Ninja 650RL once it arrives, I really dig the way they look and sound. One thing I can't seem to find out about though, is if it's still LAMS approved if I put one on? Is it simply a matter of whether or not the exhaust puts the bike over the weight to power ratio?



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  2. A slip on muffler probably won't affect the power much and will give you the sound. a full exhaust system however may, I'm not sure about how close the 650 is to the power/weight ratio limit
  3. Isn't there some official wording somewhere that basically states if you do anything that may change the performance then it's no longer technically LAMS approved?

    How much it matters is a whole 'nother question...
  4. I'm pretty sure no full exhaust setup is even road legal - let alone LAMS approved.

    A slip-on and PAIR valve mod (no power commander etc) will not give you enough extra horses to put you over LAMS I would've thought
  5. Well VIC roads only says this on the web site. "It is your responsibility to make sure that you only ride an approved motorcycle as produced by the manufacturer without any modifications designed to increase it's power to weight ratio." The 650RL has a 35Kw at 204kg so I guess as long as those numbers change to much it cant be that bad. I so want a new exaust on mine
  6. Typical slipons for the ex650 will net 3-6hp gains. Arrow for instance claim a 5-6 HP gain depending on the condition of your engine

    Also, the reduced weight going from 9.5kg to ~1.9kg on the exhaust will also affect your overall P:W ratio along with the "increased" horse power.

    food for thought

  7. would get this with the throttle and ECU restrictions?
  8. ANY modification to the engine (regardless of whether it increases/decreases HP) is deemed a no-no under LAMS. That said, I had a Yoshi (with the dB eliminator removed) on my GS500F and never had any hassles. Don't forget that when you sell the bike (you will I assume once you're off restrictions) you should at the very least supply the OEM exhaust tail. I know that Sydney City Motorcycles won't buy/trade-in a LAMS bike with an after-market slip-on unless the original is supplied as well.
  9. hi there
    I bought a 2011 650RL and put an Arrow slip on. I was looking at Two Bros but they didnt have an O2 sensor port. The Arrow carbon slip on had the O2 sensor port and it didnt take much time to swap it over. The baffle is easy to remove and replace, just a circular clip.(sounds awesome with the baffle out though!) . Looks good too. The older models didnt have the O2 sensor.
    check with Two Brothers re the O2 sensor. cheers
  10. Hey there drjay555......did you have to do any other modifications for this can?
    - Re-jetting or re-mapping?
    - PAIR valve disabling?
    - Power Commander?
  11. No modifications necessary. Just take the stock can off and put the slip on. There is an O2 port where the sensor cable plugs in and voila its done.
    a good set of instructions on how to install the arrow is given here -


    with a mate's help i had it on and test driven in under an hour . Its good to get a rear paddock/racing stand (about $80 of ebay from kaneg - google it)
    I got my arrow carbon slip on from ninja650shop in the US . Arrived within 5 days!

    As far as the 'noisance' factor - the close where i live has a lot of young kids running around and on pushbikes, so I am sure the parents wouldnt mind my exhaust being a little loud and 'visible'. While driving in town i keep the revs low and chug away, but once I am out and away .... :))
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  12. so your not getting and backfire when closing the throttle? can you upload a pick and which model did you choose.
  13. Thanks for the reply drjay555 - good info in that article you linked....

    As aussieak has asked, no backfire on over-run etc?
  14. the backfire is there and frankly I kinda like it. I have ridden a 1000k's with the arrow slip on and am happy with it. I am not planning to spend any more on power commanders etc as I have taken the throttle restrictor off (10min job) and the performance is great. On open country roads I just love to knock the gears down and wind the revs up. I must say (coming back to riding after 25years) there is so much I have learnt about riding techniques from these forums, friends and youtube..... Riding has now become sheer enjoyment as each day brings more control and skill.

    Go to ninja650shop online and click on the 650R icon which will lead you to all the parts you want. Email them for any specifications you dont see on the website and they will get back to you. I got both my arrow as well as the sports bars from them . The sports bars are brilliant and add so much to the ride handling , going round the curves because you are leaning forward a bit more, not as much as the full on supersport bikes and therefore still very comfortable for longer rides. Took me (a novice at mechanics) just about an hour to put them on.
  15. Isn't postage from the Ninja650shop ridiculous though, like $100+ ?
  16. and the rest. I was going to get a seat cowl and they want $220 freight. that made the cowl $400+
    The backfire is a bit of worry will mean you need to do the valve mod :(
  17. postage from ninja650shop is USD 52.00 , I think,. If you check it at their online shop it will tell you postage to Australia. The one thing good about modding the 650RL is that all these mods I have made have been so easy for a novice like me. My son has a Suzuki 650S and I can tell you that each one of his mods has been a nightmare !
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  19. $2.00? I must be doing something wrong then.....every time I mock-up an order the price for postage is well over $100
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  20. Must be us VIC black Kawaski owners that get ripped :p:nopity: