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650NK engine mounts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kRaZeD, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Quick question about the 650NK... Purchased mine in October of last year and haven't had any issues until just now. The plastic shroud that covers the exhaust down the bottom at the front of the bike has snapped it's mount on the right hand side of it and when I was taking said shroud off I noticed the top engine mount bolt has come loose and is missing the nut from the left hand side.

    And in doing so the engine has dropped by about 3mm on the left hand side as the bolt is completely loose and just rattling around not really doing anything.

    How safe is the bike to ride? I don't think it's been like this for long but I haven't noticed anything strange with the bike so I'm really not sure how long it's been.

    What is the best way to get the engine to line up again?

    Would lock tight be the best way to ensure the nut doesn't come off again?
  2. Warranty maybe?
  3. A picture would be good
  4. Bike is at a mates place, I'll get a pic tomorrow.
  5. Ok, pics as requested.
    I'm hoping this will work correctly, using tapatalk so not sure.
    Basically, top engine mount(s) the bolt goes from one side to the other, looks like the nut has come off the left hand side and the bolt has shifted to the right causing the engine to drop a little bit... Thoughts? And no, I don't want to be told to take it back cos it's cheap Chinese shit. I know it is, but I really doubt that is the cause. Pre delivery check would be my guess as to the cause.

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  6. Mate, what's a problem with taking the bike to the dealer if it's on warranty?
    Not poking or anything, just curious.

    All bikes have problems, this should be a warranty claim IMO and fixed for free.
    I would also imagine the dealer would want to check the reason and maybe find out why that happened. Who knows what else can be causing it.

    Another story if the bike is out of warranty of course.
  7. Warranty job. Cheap and Chinese or not, the vendor has a responsibility to fix faults arising during the warranty period.
  8. I have no problems taking the bike back, but my point was don't go blaming it on it being a chinese bike.
  9. yeah man if she's covered under warranty take her back - no point risking hassles if you can drop the problem on someone else's lap (y)
  10. Umm, an engine bolt falling out suggests a quality control problem. No manufacturer is immune to such things but the Chinese do seem to be guilty more often than should be the case. It doesn't mean that the bike is rubbish as such but it does indicate that it needs more of an eye kept open for developing problems during the early part of its life than would be the case if it were, say, Japanese.
  11. Get a nut and a star lock washer and do it up yourself. The mount hole and the mount bolt look well matched. Not ovaled or rounded out. Should bring it back into line and cost a couple $1
  12. I would have thought pre delivery checks would have covered things like this...?

    Very true buddy, she is nearly out of warranty just due to kms travelled.

    Thought about this but then again is it really my problem to be dealing with? What other nuts/bolts are loose?
  13. The PDI should have caught it (although depending on any special torquing procedure that might be necessary might not have) but I've seen enough PDIs either not done at all or not done correctly that I wouldn't have bet on it.

    Regardless, major structural fasteners falling out is a warranty issue, so treat it as one. During the warranty period it is the dealer's responsibility to fix your bike.
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    Last edited: Aug 6, 2013

    I doubt these bikes have any sort of torquing procedure. Already had to try and fix the speedo sensor on my mates CFmoto and the thread came straight out of the block. Along with the kickstand wiring loom dragging on the chain...

    But yes... would consider it unsafe riding a bike that is missing an engine mount bolt... Its a serious issue that the dealer should resolve immediately.

    You could replace the bolt however you would need to have the bike upright and take up the weight of the engine to set it back in place (assuming it hasn't tweaked the frame mounting points already). You would also need to get a suitable bolt for that application.

  15. sorry to dredge old posts.. just doing a 650nk search...

    Of course u have to blame it on being a chinese bike.. I own a 650NK and its build quality is a piece of crap compred to its jap counter parts.. There is no other reason... And the importer (mojo motorcycles) try and get out of ay warranty claim they can! They dont have the rep of a jap importer...
    So the only blame is cause its a chinese made bike with cheap labour, cheap parts and quality is considerably less!
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