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650km day trip on a 250

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Eric, Apr 23, 2016.

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    I wanted to ride both Horrock's Pass and Pt. Germein Gorge Rd, so..................
    My mate arrived at my place in Adelaide at 7am. He is on a GS500 1995 Suzzi and I am on a CB 250 RS Honda. It was a cool start to the day at 13c and with cloud cover. We wanted to ride up through the Clare Valley with all of the autumn colors.
    We left Adelaide on the northern expressway through Tarlee to our first stop at Auburn for a coffee and to warm up a bit.

    IMG_1098.JPG IMG_1099.JPG IMG_1100.JPG
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    With the inner man warm and happy it was time to make tracks to Melrose. The speed limit is 100 km/hr and we were cruising at 100 kms. Melrose saw us with our second coffee and 260 kms under our belts and time to top up with fuel. My 250 took 12ltrs.

    IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1103.JPG IMG_1104.JPG
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    Leaving Melrose and riding to Wilmington to the start of the ride through Horrock's Pass. The road down the pass has high speed twisties and with good black top, so it is a top ride. We didn't stop in Horrocks Pass for photos but we did stop in the Pt. Germien Gorge for photos. Pt. Germein Gorge has tight corner but the black top is rough. So don't go loosing it.

    IMG_1107.JPG IMG_1108.JPG
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    It was getting close to lunch, so we made our way to Laura. Laura had plenty of good places to eat.

    IMG_1112.JPG IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1114.JPG
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  5. We were going to need fuel before we got to Adelaide. I had covered 160 km and put in 7.8 ltrs

    IMG_1115.JPG IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1117.JPG

    So we stop at Gladstone for fuel and also stopped in at the Gaol.
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  6. I rang my wife at Gladstone and said that I would be home by 5 pm to take our son to work. So we road to Auburn to Balaklava for a butt stop. IMG_1118.JPG IMG_1119.JPG IMG_1120.JPG
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  7. The last leg from Balaklava to Adelaide where we topped the bikes up again. For the 225 km from Gladstone to Adelaide I used 10 ltrs. So we road 650 km with stops in 10 hrs and had a ball.
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  8. That's a grand Autumn day out, EricEric! Winter isn't too far away with cooler morning temperatures like that. I particularly like the photo of the S-bends through the valley!
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  9. Thanks for posting this Eric! .... shows that you can have fun and tour on a smaller bike too :)
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  10. Top post!!!! Sounds like a great day, and as Davidk observed, proof that you don't need a big bike to have s great tour!!!!!

    (but a few more ccs DO help :LOL:)
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  11. How did the body feel after that long on a 250? Buzzy?
  12. The 250 RS has a counter balance shaft and there is only a small amount of buzzy. I have done a lot of touring on this bike, but it does have to work hard and because of this it burns a bit of oil.
  13. Well done Eric,sounds like a great adventure which you guys really enjoyed.(y)

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  14. Sounds like an awesome day. Good weather, good company, can't ask for much more than that.

    I am thinking of riding the ninja 350km to my mums house, stay the night and ride home tomorrow.
  15. Don't think too hard about it, mum will love to see you.
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  16. Don't think about, it, just do it!
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  17. Nah chickened out. 90% chance rain for next two days in Perth, so don't feel like riding there to be welcomed with rain.
  18. Good one E! I did the same ride with a mate on Thursday. Him on his SV1000 and me on the Enfield. We both found Horrocks somewhat of a let down: Too short and corners too wide to be much fun at legal speeds. The 35 kph corner can be done at 90-100, the rest are faster. And Pt Germein Gorge is horribly bumpy. We had a good ride though and did 700km. The Enfield used 8 liters to do 280km on one stretch. Coming home into a stiff headwind at 110 it dropped to 4.5 l/100km. The worst it's ever done. Mine used a little bit of oil, too.
  19. I have been itching to talk to a RE owner and it would be even better to ride with one. So we just have to do it one day. The ride for us was to ride the Pt. Germein Gorge Rd. because I had heard that they resurface the road. Well thet did over all the old bumps. But the corners are great.
  20. Let's go for a spin through the hills soon.