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650 Vstar Classic, removing grips?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Sharkie, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    I want to replace the standard grips with kuryakin iso grips.. anyone know how to remove the bar end on the clutch grip? is it just glued to the rubber and can be pried off?

  2. Hello, no idea, but welcome anyway.
  3. All the bar weights I have removed were fitted with an expanding metal plug,like a dinabolt inside the bar end.Is there an Alan bolt on its end.If so undo it a bit and tap it in while wiggling it,there a bit like a Chinese finger handcuff.Takes some fiddling
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    thanks for reply, actually it is a cheap plastic end with no screws/bolts of any kind, could just hack it off (which i will probably end up doing) just can't help myself and will try and save it to go in cupboard with all the rest of my hoarding....hate wasting stuff..

    sorry, should have gone to new members first.. have been lurking for a couple of years and did not even think about it.. heading over there now...
  5. Hey mate, have a look here.

    Looks like you just pull the chrome cap off, then loosen the glue holding the grip on and off it comes.

  6. That's Choicebro, exactly what I have been searching for.. Really appreciate the help, thank you.
  7. thanks to Choicebro's video, job done...ended up needing a stillson pipe wrench to twist cap off, was well glued.
    Really is as easy as in video. Longest part of job will be getting glue off fingers where i did not put cap on tube properly :-(
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  8. My left one tries to come off by itself lol. Bars aren't standard though so they've been off before.