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6'4" vs dr-z 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by NeddoMac, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Am I too tall for road use of this bike?

  2. With a seat height 5-6 inches higher than the average road bike (that I've seen)... I think you'll be fine

    I've got a few mates over 6ft who ride dirt bikes everywhere and reckon they're easy as piss to control, but complain at how low my bike is (which is still taller than a lot of 250 sports bikes)

  3. Okay awesome. It's just for hacking around while i'm still on my restrictions and there's some seemingly good DR-Z 250s for sale at the moment. Thanks for the help. Any other opinions welcome.
  4. From what I've heard.. a dirt bike is best thing to start on for anyone over 6ft

    I'm not sure about WA but if its 250cc restrictions, then the dr-z would be a good choice, if you have LAMS over there, perhaps a 450 dirt bike, or even 500 road bike may suit

    Have you just gotten your license?

  5. I've had my license for a few months. We don't have LAMS which is really annoying, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck choosing out of 250s... :(
  6. I know how you feel.. I had to choose a 250, ended up with my honda integra so I'm not too upset, its a decent bike after all and was quite cheap

    Within 2 months of getting my license though.. LAMS came into effect [​IMG]
    Coulda had something so much better...

    Oh well, s'all good

  7. Im 6"2 and I ride a friends drz250 occasionally that has been lowered and it still fits great.

    plus may i say, best 250 i have ever ridden. power wheelies all over the shop and its so light and flickable you wont be dissapointed unless you like long fwy rides. btw top speed with my 75-80kgs is a respectable 130. great bike
  8. Sounds good then. It is pretty much for going to school through the annoying traffic which is a big reason I changed to a bike in the first place.
  9. im the same height and i manage to squish onto an across so im sure you'll be right
  10. 6'6" here and I still have my long suffering TTR250 that I did my L's on. If it were not for the fact that I'm 40km from the Melbourne CBD, I'd still be commuting on it.
  11. I bought one and it fits fine. Fun bike. Thanks guys.