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6'1,87kg need a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dastrix, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. For about 6-7months on my P's. Looked at the Hyos but too dear and figure ill drop it so a shitter is what I need.

    Something with a bit of zing and can ease me into riding a ZX6R.

    Wanna spend about $3800 max

    Thoughts? Its gotta be in Sydney too :p

  2. you should give the zxr250 ninja a try, try ebay or trading post, i saw a zxr250 sell for 3.2k on ebay, but that was in melbourne, you should also have a look at cbr250rr's, there both pretty much the same bike, though the zxr would be easier to get parts for in Sydney.

    gl finding a bike, you won't find anything awsome for that budget though, most dealers & near mint bikes will be selling for 4-5k
  3. Those bikes are TINY but.... I rode my mates CBR250RR and it feels a bit small in size? That and i thought it was very uncomfortable.
  4. I agree, I have a GPX250, essentially the same bike, and I find the size quite good. I am 6"1 and 84kg

    Have been riding for the last 12 months and still have 6 months to go before I can upgrade, very happy with the bike
  5. Im a bit taller than you and I found the the ZZR250 was a great first bike for me.
    A bit bigger than the other 250's and very comfortable to ride....
  6. Thanks, ill take a squizz into those bikes :)
  7. The zxr250 and gpx250 are extremely dissimilar. zxr250 = 4 pot screamer, gpx250 = parallel twin. zxr250 = sports seating position, gpx250 = semi relaxed but still forward leaning position.

    Try the vtr250 as well, might not be faired, but awesome bike nonetheless.
  8. I think that a cbr250rr will feel to small for you. The seating position is really quite low.
    What kind of bike are you after. If you are not after a boy racer bike then maybe something a bit bigger with a bit more torque is the answer?
    What state are you in? LAMS state?
  9. Im no boy racer but i wouldnt mind a decent looking bike. The CBR's and so on look good, along with the Hyo.

    Im in NSW

    Ive ridden a CBRRR for about 3hrs and fark did it give me sore nads and a bad back!
  10. + 1 devil

    , says those who haven't ridden them!! :) I can tell you the difference between a cbrr and a zzr (gpx's seksy and less rural cousin) is sizeable. However if you are tall, don't plan on commuting unless you really dont care about comfort.

    On your budget you are looking at private sales only - dealer stuff for your budget will be 80% crap. You can get 2000-2002ish gpx with lowish kms and in good condition on your budget. I spent 5k on my bike, if I did it again I'd spend 4 and get a gpx instead (zzr does look WAAY better, but gpx cheapness is sweet.. + easy to drill :) ).
  11. Hyo GT250 or 650 R

    Hey buddy,

    i have a Hyosung GT250R.. I am 6FT 4 and 92kgs and it fits me fine!
    Its the biggest 250 out there at the moment i think, (in the sports class i think)

    You have two options, you can buy a ZZR or CBR that has 35k on the clock for 3-4k or you can spend a little more and get a much newer Hyo that has way less Kms, warrenty, and will do just as good a job.

    I have had one for two years now and nothing has ever gone wrong.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

    Ride safe.
  12. GPX250 or Suzuki GS500. Consider also VTR250. They will give you a much better preparation for the sports 600 than would a race replica 4, though some would argue about this I'm sure.

    My thinking is that you have to rev the buggery out of the CBR/ZXR bikes, and this is not a good habit... nor one conducive to learning to be a good rider... too much focus on gear changing when you should be thinking about feeling the grip, working the suspension, and braking. Hunched over the bars you also have to remember to relax and squeeze the tank, because stiff, load-bearing arms are not good for bike control. You can happily worry about these things later, when you get your sports bike.

    A well-ridden GPX will stay with a CBR in most circumstances anyway.