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600s too powerful?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aerodynamic, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. im hoping to get off my restrictions in ~14 months. Im really interested in a 600 sports bike.

    gixxer, cbr 600rr, ninja, r6.....those type of bikes.

    Im wondering if these bikes would be too powerful compared to my little cbf 250.

    I know this seems really early to think about it. but i really wanna get into researching and understanding what each bike is like, the ease of parts / good services, and what one would suit me most, so i can go out and buy one as soon as i get off my restrictions. and knowing i have bought the right bike for me.

    will a 600 be too powerful?
    should i do it in 2 steps and get a 400 first?

  2. With another 14 months of regular riding under your belt then it is unlikely that a 600 will be too powerful. I wouldn't bother with an intermediate step to a 400. I am under the impression that most of the newish Japanese sports bikes are quite similar in terms of parts availability, servicing costs, etc. you can't really go wrong :cool:
  3. dont sit around counting the 14 months, theyll just drag out forever :LOL:

    with high revving - low torque bikes, if you keep them in the low rpm range, where the power is low, then the power is really nothing. its not like a torque-sport bike that will buck you off if your not careful
  4. heeeeaps more power and very sensitive on the throttle, best to do your time, in your case, 14 months and when time is up, go test ride the 600's, your mind will make the decision for you
  5. Given that you're asking the question I'd say you'll be fine.

    Just don't be a spanner with the throttle and you'll be sweet.
  6. I'm planning on going 750 or higher... 600's are for wimps. :twisted:
  7. ive been considering a 'busa :shock:
  8. Start of gentle and get to know it, then gradually wind on more throttle like any new bike. A 4 cyliner 600 is not likely to surprise you. :)
  9. +1 to the above posts.

    The main things I found when I bought my new bike were;
    Super touchy throttle - fuel injection is teaching me to show more respect to the throttle as my bike has a hell of a lot more pickup now compared to my KLE 500.

    Bike will get to higher speeds in lower gears - no more need to change to fourth to cruise around town. I don't always have to be in top gear etc.

    Admittedly I went from a 498cc Vtwin to a 656cc inline 4 (ECU detuned). While it felt like a different beast, it is still a motorcycle, so all that I've leant about still applies.

    The whole idea of going up in stages is something that only yourself will be able to answer. One of the more common responses is to wait till your restrictions are up and test ride every bike you can.
  10. After my 250 my wife said I couldn't have a 750 or a thou cos they were racer bikes and too powerful.

    ...She didn't mind the thought of a busa thou. Funny that. she knew it was 1300 but also that it was't a supersport, had a comfier pillion seat, etc. She said she coulldn't handle the high pillion seat on a supersport.

    600 isn't hard to handle after a year + on a 250. You'd struggle to get the front up unless you were actually trying and the extra handling and braking makes the power very controllable. Also, not being a twat with the throttle means you might even be ok on a thou.
  11. All those bikes are gay.

    But regardless of this, you'll be fine. It'll be a bit touch and go at first but if you've got half an once of skill and a cool head you'll be right. Then after six months and a track day you'll have mastered every once of power and performance the bike offers and need to get a litre bike.
  12. Thats what you are, but what am I :LOL:

    Ok enough 2nd-grader insults. 600cc's are pretty peaky and revvy engines. Keep them in a high gear and they'll be well under peak torque.

    You'll be fine.
  13. 14 months?

    By then you'll have realised what you really want is a pony.
  14. yep, i want a new bike every few weeks...but limmit myself to every few months

    in 14months you will be an awesome rider, so just get the busa
  15. So you've had your L's for a month? :LOL: :p

    In another month you will start a new thread "How do I get more powah out of my 250?", whereby making this thread redundunt.

    Good day.
  16. You need an R1 to get to the 60kph limit. No other bike will do that for you.

    A 600cc motorcycle with 110 odd bhp was designed specifically for women. Look for the little hooks on the front for the shopping basket.

    One track day is all you need on a 600 to know that it's not your lack of skill that's holding you back - it's raw power!

    A 600 is cheaper on chains, sprockets and tyres. Money is for wimps.


    btw. You'll be fine getting a 600. Just put on your best piece of safety equipment - The Brain.
  17. The 600rr just needs some respect. No need to be frightened of it.

    If you grab a handful of brakes, it will stop very very very fast. (a firm application of rear brake results in locking up the back - I've tested it :LOL: )

    If you grab a handful of throttle, it will zoooooooooom......Very very touchy.

    It will happily do 3000rpm and still have enough torque to zoom off.

    When you get back on your 250 after a test ride on the 600rr, you will wind the throttle and be severely disappointed at the lack of go. This is when you know that you will be purchasing a new bike.

    The seating position is a biatch, but its worth it.
  18. With about a year to go till I'm off restrictions, I cant wait to get a 600.

    It only took about a month for the 250 to seem slow, at first I thought something was wrong because it just didn't seem to have the power that it used to. I remember the first time I rode it is was shaking with adrenalin when i got off, sadly a feeling I rarely get now (not to say I'm not enjoying myself :wink:).
  19. I think everyone goes through that phase a few months after getting their bike (or a faster car, or...)

    But around the 10-11 month mark I began to realise just how much fun I was having with the lil' 250 in the twisties and around town, keeping up with much more powerful sportsbikes in the corners (and being blown away on the straights of course).

    I have to say... There's something childishly entertaining when you can open the throttle to the stops and hammer the engine through the first three gears - Shifting up each time the tacho kisses the redline - as you're chased along by a tremendous howl from the glass-pack exhaust.... and then you back off, having just reached the 100kph speed limit for the twisty road you're on, license intact.

    Do that on a bike with >100hp and you'll be past the speed limit by the end of first gear, and the speed of sound not long after. ;)
  20. I have to admit, as soon as the initial thrill of my 250 wore off, I wanted a bigger bike. I certainly wasn't ready for one, and am probably not now. I remember the first time being overtaken on a long stretch of road, a GSXR1000 flies past, and I realise my bike wasn't going to go any faster. That was probably when I started wanting a faster bike :LOL:.
    However since then, maybe I've grown up a bit, not sure, but I'm content with what my VTR250 can do. It's just the little things I really want now. The sound of an inline 4, snick snick gear changes, the way the tachometer needle spins around the dial when you turn it on and the noise the fuel pump makes (that last one sounds stupid, but I still want it :LOL:)
    Ahh well, 9 months to go!