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> 600cc: To LAMS or not to LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by love4bikes, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm am
    - currently riding a postie bike, with another 5 months left on my restricted license.
    - short 5' 5" (165cm) short stocky guy

    My patience is being tested on the current bike and doing my homework on a bigger bike.

    I prefer naked bikes, and a few bikes on the list of favs is the:
    Suzuki SFV650 (Gladius)
    Kwaka ER-6N
    Yamaha FZ6N

    At the moment I'm tossing up between buying a LAMS version now, or holding off to buy the full hog on the midsize.

    I firmly believe that anything less than a 400 is worthless in the log run, and I'm not interested in a bigger bike.

    Question is, which I'm hoping those with more experience with this can help with:
    Am I better off with a LAMS bike for later resell, or a full 650ish bike.

    In my mind, Learners and P-Platers are more likely to buy a LAMs 650, than a full licensed rider buying a used 650.
  2. how long left on restrictions?
  3. My patience was certainly tested on a 250cc, but I highly recommend just waiting out the 5 months, then get the bike you want. Dont compromise. When you have to resell bikes and upgrade its a hassle, and costly.
  4. If you don't want a bigger bike then add a cb400 to your lams list
  5. I'd say wait until you are unrestricted then buy what you want.
    I had to buy a LAMS bike and chose the gs500 over the 600+ bikes.
    I was told most of the 600+ bikes are restricted any way where the 500 is not.
    You can get them de-restricted but in my case, I prefer to get a bigger bike after my restrictions rather than a toned down 650.

    That's what I was told anyway but I'm no expert...
  6. Oh.. Thanks for the replies.. I thought I'd get an email notification on a thread reply, otherwise I'd have replied sooner.

    Yep. Can you imagine riding on a semi-auto (no clutch but manual), 4 speed, 105cc, drummed braked postie bike (CT-110).
    I guess what I'm worried about is outgrowing the 650 in 12-24 months time and having to upgrade. Thinking ahead to this I was keeping in mind that it might be easier to sell a bigger LAMS bike than a smaller unrestricted bike.

    I love the CB400 having test ridden it for a day, however I don't quite like the sound of them. My brother also has one.

    I test rode the GS500 and loved the handling, riding position, response and sound of the bike. Also suited my height which is a must.

    From the reading I've been doing it sounds like a hassle to get these LAMS models unrestricted so I don't think that's an option.
  7. lol. theres no "restrictions" that make the GS500 "restricted" its just not particularly powerfull.

    dont bother getting another lams bike. the er6n isnt a bad little bike... but getting it lams and then derestricting it would be a pita and an added cost.

    plus i think you will find you will be able to get cheaper prices on the non-lams models because of the high demand for the lams edditions.

    depending on what type of rider you are. You may outgrow (or get bored of) bikes often or be able to keep the same bike for 20 years.
    I went through 6 bikes in less than 3 years before i found one that I could consider keeping for a long time... and I still want a new bike
    every week. Just buy the one you want :D and try and get it as cheap as you can so that if you change your mind in 6-12 months it wont
    cost you much
  8. Mechanically, obvioulsly it can be done with some more expensive than others as in the worst case the ECU may need to be reprogramed or replaced.

    But I believe the hassle has a fair bit to do with VicRoads. All LAMS bikes are registered with VicRoads so when it gets converted, you need to re-register and get another label without LAMS on it. And apparently VicRoads are quite strict about it all.

    When discussing this issue at Peter Stevens, they told me one of the cheapest bikes to deristrict was the Hyosung 650 range at around $200 plus the VicRoads side of it. Suzukis, Kawasakis, Yamahas, etc were a lot dearer.

    And if I was a mechanic I wouldn't risk doing it quietly as it wouldn't be worth the consequenses.
  9. Exactly. I wouldn't want to fiddle with the LAMS version to un/de-restrict it given the costs, the hassles with Vicroads, etc.

    I was quoted 2K for a Gladius which I thought was crazy (I doubt that includes all the other charges from Vicroads, etc.
  10. 6 bikes in less than 3 years.. Wow!

    That's exactly my dilemma. LAMS are high demand, and mid-sized nakeds are low demand (meaning can get them cheaper).

    Granted, I'm more likely to outgrow a LAMS 600+ than a non-LAMS 600+.

    Maybe I shouldn't be thinking so much on resell value but what I'll get out of it in the meantime. Potentially cheaper, more powerful bike to help me in my next step(s).
  11. If it were me, I'd wait.

    Although a LAMS bike will supposedly hold it's value and sell easier in the future, you will pay more for it initially compared to an unrestricted naked, negating the advantage.
  12. get which ever bike your happy with, no matter, what the future holds you will always change your mind.:))
  13. Ok, here's my experience!
    I was lucky enough to test ride the Yamaha XJ6N, the Suzuki Gladius and am the owner of a LAMS Gladius now!
    The one I liked the most: The Yamaha screamer for sure!
    Not that I don't like the Gladius but I only rode the unrestricted one for aprox 5km's and loved it! At that time the XJ6LAMS wasn't available so I ended up buying the Gladius Lams!
    Now trying to unrestrict that thing is quite a problem as no one wants to sell you an unrestricted ECU (they could get in trouble) and plain out re mapping it is a bit risky as you can't go back then!
    If I were in your position I would definately wait and there are quite a few options in the middel weight class as the Triumph Street Triple or a bit bigger the Kawasaki Z750, both wicked looking bikes!
    If you have enough dough you might wanna buy a LAMS 600 or 650 now and then STILL upgrade later!?
  14. you should get a drz400m, who cares that its a lams bike but they are cheap, reliable and rediculous fun.

    i think any rider on a restricted licence should get a supermoto, to learn how to corner properly and just have fun.
  15. dont get a LAMS. suck it for a couple months then get what you want.

    I do know someone who had 6 months left on P's and bought a SV650 (non LAMS) and everyone just thinks its the LAMS model.....but it isnt. not that im reccomneding that to you.

    dont compromise on what you want or you'll find yourself on the look out for another bike real fast
  16. LAMS bikes all suck....with just over half way through your restrictions left, id just sit tight and wait....Unless you want a supermotard. Which if that was the case then yer do it now because they look ridiculously fun. Being a dirt bike rider myself I can only imagine fun stuff i could get up to... ;)
  17. Whoo hooo.. Less than 2 months now until no restriction.

    Currently on the short list:
    - Yamaha FZ6N
    - Suzuki SV650
    - Suzuki SFV650 (Gladius)

    The Suzuki GSR600 was recently discovered by me. Liked the look of it, but seeing it in person was a bit bigger than I wanted and realized it was an inline 4.

    I keep coming back to the GS500, but again keep getting talked out of it by other riders.
  18. Make friends with someone with a street triple, z750 or similar. Ride their bike in a car park then go test ride a gs500. If you still love the Suzuki at that point then buy one and you'll be a happy camper.

    I loved my GS till I rode a street triple r. But that's just me - I still reckon they're awesome bikes
  19. Bro DEFINITELY test ride the Triumph street triple or street tripe R!!!!
    3 Cylinder 675cc which is a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! I've got the SFV 650 Gladius Lams (although I've got a non restricted ECU= Full power) but the Street triple WILL be my VERY next bike as soon as I get of my P's!!!
    Definitely great Torque in the lower range which just keeps on coming until you hit the rev limiter and the SOUND is just SOOOOO addictive!
    Do yourself the favour and just take one for a good test ride before making any decisions but I suppose that applies to any bike you may wanna buy!
    Good luck ... 8-[ :bannanabutt: