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600cc to 1000cc - really worth it ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. hey guys

    I had my CBR 600rr for 2.5 years now, did all mods I can think of, track days etc... but mainly use it to commute to work (80kms a day). Mainly due to my sprockets (-1/+1) I do find it I have to keep it in the 2nd most of the time if I want any power.

    How much difference will it make with a 1000cc RR (I would make mods to it as well of course) ? Will it be more "effortless" ? or do I need to rev it as much too.

    I dont really mind it but have been toying with the idea of changing bikes so thats why I am asking.

    many 1000cc supersports commuters out there?
  2. Not a commuter but a daily rider of 1000cc sportbikes.
    Up until recently, I acquired 23,000km on my GSXR1000K5 in a 9mth period, with half of that time out of the country - work. The Gixxer is SOLD - being picked up over the next 2 days.
    My current rides are a 2008 Black (& Gold) R1 and my recent purchase, a CBR1000RR, 2004 which is currently road-registered but will become my track bike.

    When I ride, I ride for long distances...a short ride for me is ~200km. All this on the above bikes. Your 80km daily commute will be comfortable and if you're planning on upgrading to a CBR Litre, then I'm assuming the physical dimensions and comfort of both will be very familiar to you. The extra power of a Litre though will be noticeable - that's a given.

    Contrary to popular belief, sportsbikes are capable of being used for distance-riding as well. Two of my long-distance rides on the Gixxer were to Sydney and back....on 2 occasions, I have ridden MEL-SYD, then SYD-MEL in the same day. Sore wrist (surprisingly nothing else), as expected.

    After a while, one gets used to 1000cc, though on public roads you'll never get the chance to explore the engine full capabilities...or in layman's terms, soil yourself. We all know that 600cc, 675cc (Daytona) or 750cc (GSXR) are more than enough for road riding and more often that not, considered the IDEAL engine size for your typical commute distances/daily riding.

    If it's a 1000cc you're aspiring to, go for it mate. Lots in here commute with sportsbikes - I see many during my early morning rides (pity it's my day off though, whilst others are going to work :D)

  3. Personally I would get the 1000 or whatever you want for fun with sticky tyres.

    Then get a 250 to commute, probably a vtr, as you will save so much on it will pay itself.. Threes no point running a sportsbike on compromise tyres.

    I am doing that, got a dr 650 to commute, shopping for sports bike.
  4. I commuted every day for about 3yrs on my 07 1000rr.
    It was a Pussy-cat. Of course, as nickers said, you can't really use it, but then you shouldn't be trying to, in those conditions.
    On freeways cruising is effortless, with a loud button, that would blow anything away. :)
    Certainly cruise speeds are far less "revy" than the 600rr, and more relaxed. I found the 600rr revved it's tits off at 100k's compared to thou's low rev, docile cruise at that speed.

    Get one if you want, you'll love the damned thing. :)

    But fair warning... To truely ride the thou in the fashion it was meant, you will be well beyond the limits, and well into the confiscation zone...high speeds are their forte, and the much tighter twisties are a bit of pita. They thrive in more open running like $1.60 and above, based on my own experience, out of town. That's where the my thou and the way I rode, came into real focus.
    ( the reason I bought the 675, actually. I still run up high often, but the tighter twisties are much more fun.) :)

    As for mods, beyond a pipe and a power commander, and maybe high screen and pazzo's, set the suspension up correctly for your weight, and then leave it alone ffs. Rearsets if you're going to track it.
  5. You should get a S1000RR but you still might need mods like a turbo, due to your sprockets.
  6. Take one for a test ride. Make sure you have enough time to get a bit of a feel of it, say a half hour or more. If you still hunger for the full monty, then do it.

    My zx14 is not exactly a litre class sports bike, but it's closer than you might think. (It's closer than I thought it would be, and yes, I've ridden a few 1k sports.) I took the wife and self on a motorcycling holiday from Bris to Cairns and back. There was a small amount of discomfort because of the luggage arrangements, and the wife's insistence on bringing 100kg of sh1t she might want, but all up the bike was eminently practical and usable. I do commute on it here in Bris, and it's fine.

    Total cost of ownership is probably a fraction higher. I've heard a figure of 15% bandied about, and that sounds ... not too far off.

    [edit] should read I did commute on it...
  7. Worth it if you want to be quick in a straight line yes...
  8. Didn't u read he wants to commute on it.. Better add a shot of gas and a swingarm just to be safe!
  9. I've been riding big bikes for a while now, and if you're main riding is done on the daily commute then don't bother with the 1000cc. They are great bikes and I wouldn't go back, but at the same time, I hate commuting on my bike.

    They're heavier
    They're harder to split on
    They get real hot
    They are a real effort to ride at 30kmph or less

    Buy a 1000cc for weekend riding or track. Not for commuting.
  10. I commute daily on a 1000RR - no problems at all. You definately need to watch your throttle hand though. You can hit a 100km/h in first get within seconds so if you're not careful, you could be walking/catching public transport for a while. ;)

    If you really want a 1k bike, go for it.
  11. Meh..I was ridding an 1100 Kat around inner Melbourne..I had no other wheels.If you love the ride you'll make a compromise. For the extra ponies on tap,and the relaxed work load on the engine..even at warp speed, I'd go with the thou.
  12. What year is your CBR?

    I also had a CBR till christmas a cage wrote it off.
    I was in a similar situation commuting 70kms a day.
    I picked up a GSXR1000 K6 and absolutely love it. I think the CBRs are slightly more aggressive although the GSXR hurt my balls more.
    About the the power, I find that if i ride it under 5000RPMs it just feels like a 600. If you higher you'll notice the power difference more.
    Getting from 0-60km/hr is effortless, and you can cruise at 60 on 6th gear.
    Although the throttle is very sensitive, its manageable.
    I could corner alot better with the thou, I couldn't have gotten rid this much of my chicken strip on the CBR.

    Is it worth it?
    Well....You really dont need the 1L on the streets as the highest I've taken was 7000RPM. As for commuting,the GSXR is one of the most comfortable super sports. I get about 230km of the tank so its slightly better than the 600.
    Oh and the boot space compared to the CBR600RR? its AWESOME! I can store so much crap now compared trying to squeeze stuff into the sides of the tail in the CBR

  13. I used to ride from my location near newcastle to wauchope on a single tank on my k1 gsxr600 (around 230 clicks on the highway, still no fuel light at the end - spirited riding sees my fuel light come on at around 200clicks tho)

    I think your fuel usage will mainly come down to how aggressive you ride

    Performance wise - from a stop (tried it with mates once)
    my old 01 r6 vs same year model r1 - virtually no acceleration difference till well over 150kph (where the r1 starts to walk away)

    My k1 gixxer 600 (stock with yoshi) vs k2 gixxer1000 (some kind of aftermarket pipe, regeared for more acceleration and a TRI) same thing, cant keep the wheel down on the thous at lower speed to get more acceleration lols (which is why Im on my 2nd 600, and will replace it with yet another when this one burns out)

    YMMV of course, and im sure ive opened a can of worms but Im speaking from experience with mates (over a couple runs on each, they wernt too impressed)

    Maybe it comes down to what speed your usually riding at - or do you want the extra torque a 1000 provides I guess. Oh and bragging rights, you dont get much bragging rights on the 600 lols
  14. Gday all.

    I went from a 600 straight to the 1000 6 months apart and wished I'd skipped the 600 to be honest.

    As long as your sensible and ride within your limits then go for it you'll never look back.

    I then modded my thou (Yoshi, 520 con & sprockets P/C and Air filter) not long after and absolutely love it now. It has brutal acceleration and I find it okay for my type of commuting each and every day.

    In the end a sportsbike is a little bit of a compromise for commuting but everything in life has good & not so good points.
  15. guys thank you all for your posts and opinions!

    the only real issue I have with the 600 is that because I changed the sprockets you just need to rev the crap out of it to have real power at your disposale (above 8-9krpm) and with no baffle in my Leo Vince ... well .. u can imagine. I know that noise saves lives but still. After 45 mins on the bike in heavy traffic I sometimes feel like I need ear wax.

    Dont mean sound like an old nanny ... I love the bike dont take me wrong but I just think that a thou would be more comfy in terms of power bandwidth and I would not need to rev it that much.

    I full own my bike and not sure how much I could get for it so cost can be potentially an issue if I start to look at the likes of S1000RR (which I would LOOOVE) ... but then if I get a kwaka, honda or suz in the 1k cc range, I know myself I would still spend another $5-6K in mods which I dont think the BMW needs (apart from few visual mods)...

    decisions decisions ... I am going to test ride the BMW in few days so we'll see :)
  16. In my experience you get bragging rights when you are on a 600 and you beat a 1000 but not so much the other way....
  17. yeah you got a point :)
  18. yes, its about the torque.

    when I upgraded from Nissan Pulsar to VE SV6 I was like "wow!" ... however, when I went from the SV6 to HSV VE with 550Nm ... I was blown away. I guess I am looking for that "effortless" feeling if you know what I mean.

    the 600 is fast and I respect it, but you have to work it... I want to know how much extra "work" the thou will need ... if any :)
  19. Mmm, more torques. That'd be the reason I'd do it, rather than for more top-end power. Like with my Tiger 1050; 125rwhp, which is very very roughly about the same as the Daytona 675 (a little more actually), but prodigious amounts of "Any gear is a good gear!" bottom-end and midrange grunt so long as it's above 2500-3000rpm.

    Edit: That said, I suspect most of the 1000cc race replicas would be aiming to get 66% more top-end power than their smaller breathren rather than beefing up their low-end, given these are race-replicas we're talking about.