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600cc Streetfighter suggestions please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ]{ing Nothing, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm looking at upgrading my 250 after nearly 4 years, and am partial to the streetfighter look. I'm not really after a custom job, or interested in making one myself, so I'm looking at options such as the Speed Triple or FZ6N. I also don't need anything super-powerful, so around 600-ish is really all I want in the grunt department.

    What I'm asking of you kind ladies and gents, is what other options are out there in the "factory" streetfighter dept, that clock in around 600cc?

    And if you can be bothered, which you prefer and the reasons why.


  2. I'd love a Speed Triple :).
  3. In addition to the ones you have mentioned (I'm assuming you meant the Street Triple)...

    Kwaka z750
    Yamaha XJ6N
    Suzuki GSR600
    Suzuki SV650
    Honda CB600F
    Aprillia Shiver 750
    Ducati Monster 696

    Let the internet be your friend...find out the ones you like the look of...do some test rides... pick the one you like best that you can afford.

    There aren't many "bad" bikes amongst this lot, different riders have different preferences. A lot of these bikes are built to a budget so you will often find people upgrading components, such as suspension.

    I think most would say the best bike overall in this class is the street triple. Coming off a 250 you will enjoy them all!!
  4. dont even get me started on the definition of streetfighter.

    what you meant to say is 600 nakeds please!

    on another note, 600's are crap get a real bike :p
  5. Take your list…
    Take Dubs List…
    Sling a leg over, take em for a spin, then buy the bike that gives you wood.
    Ahh screw it buy the Triple (I would)
  6. Speed triple is 1050cc
    Street triple is 675cc
  7. Start....go...
  8. +1 ](*,) best way is to test ride every naked you can find, if you want to test ride a streetfighter, go ride a supersport crash it and get back on it and you are riding a streetfighter
  9. So, same as finding a girlfriend then 8-[
  10. Hey Mr. Nothing,

    The Yammy XJ6, I believe, will be LAMS approved shortly, which means that version will hold it's value a bit better, might be a good time to get on board. That's provided it's the same version that they approve & not a new one.

    What's you budget?
  11. Yea I meant the Street - I keep getting them mixed up. :)

    Nah I didn't mean to say 600 nakeds. Most nakeds don't have the streetfighter look, and I don't like the look of them as a result - so I meant to say streetfighters, because that's the specific style I'm after, even if the terminology is incorrect! :p

    Yeah I'm leaning towards the Triple, but that's an awesome list, so I'll be checking them all out!

    Thanks guys!
  12. yes its incorrect. You meant to say Naked/standard 600's with cool styling/attitude.

    a street tripple is not a street fighter and no-one in their right mind would fighter a 600 anyway unless they were putting a propper donk in there... thats not the spirrit.

    but thats beside the point.

    get a street tripple if you can handle the whining noise. Theyre the prettiest and probably the best performing
  13. =D>

    Gees Triumph must be selling a shitload of Street Triples! Everytime someone asks for advice on what they should buy, the answer is always Street Triple.
  14. No, I would recommend a Z750 over a standard street triple!

    I vote Z750! :D - great BANG for Buck and IMO very good Street fighter looks ;)

    Street Triple R is the only way to go if its a trumpy that you want albeit 15k brand new. Otherwise you're getting ripped off.

    See this is what you want ;)

  15. Here's my thoughts as I've done some testing of this range as I originally only wanted to spend naked 600 sort of money.

    z750 - awesome motor, if you can get one of the newer one with USD fork the suspension isn't as soft a previous models, it didn't seem to have as much vibrations as the olders ones either-----my choice.
    FZ6n - great top end, a little "soft" down low in the revs, but you'll learn to play up in the top end anyway. If you keep it in the low revs its an easy bike to ride. The suspension is something that I would have needed to have looked at.
    CB600 - didn't ride but it was way to costly for me.
    Street - didn't ride but it was way to costly for me.
    Shiver - one of my favourites. My favorite for looks and felt like a bigger bike. Awesome v-twin motor, loved this bike alot. Couldn't come to grips with the price.
    XJ6n - awesome looking, probably second favourite in the looks department. Didn't ride as the numbers just didn't inspire me...appartently rides better than the numbers suggest.
    Ducati - never really considered.
    GSR - plastic looks cheap IMHO, never really considered.

    I probably still would have been up for a grand or 2 to upgrade suspension on most of the bike I rode so I've ended up deciding to spend the extra couple of grand and go either the z1000 or the FZ1n for a bike that has better suspension & brakes as standard, the extra cc's are just a bonus. I'd love to get another kwaka (brand loyalty and all) but the FZ1n is just so "hot" and keeps yelling "how can you not choose me!" in my head eveytime I go near a z1000.

    They're my thoughts, make sure you make up your own mind though!! You're the one spending the dough. Choose the one that you will be more inclined to sit in a chair with a beer and a think happy thoughts about.
  16. I got to ride a fz6 a bit a few years ago and it's put me off 600/4 altogether. Begucking boring. I might consider one of the supersports for track only use, but I'd never buy a naked 600/4.

    Go the Street 3 or the z750. The later is good value if you are looking at the slightly second hand market, though I did get the impression there were a number of budget concession on the bike. You never read comments like that about the S3.

    SV650 naked?
  17. eh? I must be out of my mind then. I fightered a Daytona 675 write-off. Power:weight it calculates as accelerating about as hard as a stock Ducati 1098S up to about 150kph before wind-drag spoils the party, and I've been on tight winding roads accelerating neck and neck beside a 2009 GSXR 1000 out of one corner and into the next over a ~100m distance.

    You don't have to be making 150hp at the rear wheel to have fun.
  18. yeah there are 'budget' concessions on them but it doesn't mean its bad. Just not as good as the Triple on the spec sheet. Specifically the brakes, suspension and weight which are just middle weight setups but are by no means bad.

    At the end of the day you get what you pay for. Brand new I got my Z750 for 10,900 whereas the Street Triple is much more expensive and I could not justify the extra $3000-4000 for what it was. The Street triple is in a class of its own IMO at its price, once a Jap brand or Kawasaki comes up with a $15,000 version of the Z750 there would be a fair comparison.

    And I'm not knocking the Street its a great bike, but just putting it in context.
  19. What are you on about?

    The Street Triple retails for $11990
    The Street Triple R retails for $13490

    Where are people getting these $15K values from?
  20. +50

    the fazer 600 put my off i4/600's for life (unless i need another cheap commuter and theres no better option)